Room 305: Room Service

He opens the door to a tall gentleman with grey hair, wearing a jumper with a smart shirt underneath. He does not look like the typical “bull”. I perch shyly on the bed and throw my guy a look.

For a few seconds I wonder if I can go through with it: he looks older than I expected and he’s wearing the same shoes as my dad. He’s saying something and shaking my hand. (Let’s call him B). But he smells delicious and there is a cheeky sparkle in his eye. What the hell – it might sort out some of my daddy issues. Two things go through my mind: I never have to see him again and my guy really wants this. And then he kisses my cheek whilst stroking my crotch.Oh hello.

And so it begins. My guy (let’s call him C) is told to sit in the armchair to watch, his cuffs clanking. I lie back on the bed as he pulls down my knickers and starts to go down on me. I look over at C and he’s balled my knickers and put them in his mouth as B has ordered. B’s tongue is scratchy like a cat’s but his technique is based around teasing me. I look at C, wishing it was him really. I pull on his leash and get him to the end of the bed so he can see everything. B mumbles insults to C in between licks and I play along, citing how much better he is. I surprise myself by suddenly looking at C and say: “Can you give my breasts some attention please?”

Of course he obeys, and something in me shifts. I realise I have two men tending to my every need and that their objective is to make my evening as pleasurable as possible. However I have no connection with the man between my legs and it’s unlikely I can come.
As if he’s read my mind B stops  and gets out a wand from his rucksack, talking as he goes telling us he’s not yet used it. He order me to lie down and I feel like he’s a doctor which adds more excitement. C kneels the other side and pulls my legs apart, holding my knee in position. B has the other.

He lubes up the wand and the gel is cold on my already warm cunt. I close my eyes and relax. “Have you been edged before?” asks B, and I say not by anyone else, just myself. . I start to flail my legs as I lose control. I don’t know what he’s doing or where B and C end and begin but it’s utterly delightful.With two men working on me it’s clear I am powerless and soon I erupt, pushing the wand away and then pulling it back. The bed is soaked.

B wants to watch C get fucked by me. This time he doesn’t want to be eased in with the buttplug – probably bravado on his part in front of another dude. It’s as enjoyable as ever; his face is always the most pleasurable to watch as I enter him and slide the dildo into his willing ass. But he’s in pain. The cock cage is pinching and we decide to let him out. Undoing the padlock is easy; the relief on his face makes me smile. I continue and he slowly wanks his limp cock as I push into him.

B mixes it up a bit and tells C to get him ready to fuck me. C gets on his knees and takes B in his mouth. Up until now I’ve never seen this and it’s wonderfully erotic. I’m amazed that C would do this for me. I hear him suck and then gag, massaging C’s balls as he does. B pulls out and gets me into position at the end of the bed. 

I suck on C’s cock as B fucks me from behind. He doesn’t pump away, but makes measured strokes like an artist. C’s cock is very flaccid; a product of being locked up for a week I guess. I know I’m not going to come. My knees start to buckle and we all switch positions. B’s cock is now in my mouth as he straddles me and C is licking my pussy. It’s unfeasibly hot as C thrusts into my mouth and B’s familiar technique is enough to make me come again, just as C is asking me if I’m going to come. He pumps his cock and asks where I want his cum. I can’t speak – my mouth is numb. He spreads his white seed all over my breasts.

B packs up his items and makes small talk, eventually revealing his very serious job. I actually can’t wait to be alone with C and B’s conversation begins to grate a little. I know what I’ve promised C after all.

Room 305

He has been wearing a cock cage for a week; the key has been posted to me. I am on a train destined for the South West Coast and he will meet me at the other end; the frisson of that alone is soaking my knickers.

I wanted to surprise him with a top showing most of my cleavage but I have forgotten my skirt and am now wearing the dress I was meant to wear tomorrow. It makes me beat myself up until my friend says : “he wants to see you, not a skirt”.

He is a Dom, but he has switched for me, maybe for himself. The scenario is simple. He warms me up, a guy joins us for an hour and he plays the cuckold.

Hot right?


We close the hotel room door and he locks it. I whip off the hated dress and tell him to undo the poppers on the crotch of my body. He remarks how soaked I am. I already know as I checked in the loo on the train. I have never travelled this far just for sex.

I tell him to lick me through the panties and I fall back on the bed, bending my legs to go over his shoulders. I don’t want to be anywhere else right now. He tells me I’m not allowed to come before our visitor does, but we have four and a half hours. Maybe we can get him to come earlier – I say no.

I make him put on my soaking wet panties and get him to sit on the armchair where he will sit later, watching us. I kneel and open my mouth to take the cage and his cock. He cries out, both in pain and pleasure, and I blush at the power I have over him. I lick his balls, the only thing free from the cage. They look purple and swollen – I know he has struggled with this. I take the buttplug from my bag and lube it up, pushing it slowly in. His face is a picture, he is transported, smiling and grimacing at the same time, gasping. My thighs are wet.

I tell him I need to sit on his face and it is as delicious as I remember. I have to keep dismounting as I am about to cum. I now have chance to examine his cage more closely. His cock is shrunk, looking dejected. I stab my tongue in the areas he can feel and I notice pre-cum dripping from it.

Of course, I climb back onto him, thinking I can stop myself. But before I know it, my orgasm takes me by surprise and yet again I have broken the rules.

He begs me to fuck him. He even tries to fit the cage inside me, which is deliciously cold and hard but not sensible. I ask if he wants me to take his ass instead and he begs me to.

We both dress in stockings and suspenders: I wear his hold ups and he wears mine.

This time he holds his legs open and I slide the buttplug out and my smooth black dildo inside. He kneads my breasts and I watch his face as he gasps as I edge it in further. But I won’t let him cum.

Somehow we only have half an hour left. I’m now in a black waist cincher and heels; he has obediently already put on his collar and leash. We sit on the bed waiting, both nervously watching the door.

And then there is a knock.

The Chef, again

I’m landing at 6, I’m expecting him at 7. It’s hot and I’m sure as hell not going to dress up in suspenders and all that get-up. I select a new set of underwear and my robe. Of course he isn’t on time.

This time he’s brought toys. Some restraints and a We Vibe. I’m excited and my knickers are wet way before he gets there. I haven’t had sex for three weeks and I want it to be someone familiar.

I like him a lot, and I still can’t work out how much he likes me. I like him enough to kneel down before him, pull down his shorts and take him in my mouth. I like him enough to grasp the back of his thighs as his legs buckle. I like it when he pushes me back on the bed and pull my legs apart roughly so he can lick between them.

And then he brings out the We Vibe. A tiny toy which goes inside me while we fuck to stimulate the clit. I lube it up and insert it, game for something new and exciting. He has the control in his hands and I wrestle it off him – both of us laughing. I lie back and he goes to enter me. And the battery fizzes to a halt. We laugh again.

He takes out his restraints and ties my hands behind my back, and attaches them to my collar. He’s behind me and now I can’t really tell what he’s going to do despite not being blindfolded.

He rubs his cock between my ass cheeks and plunges it into my pussy, then swiftly takes it out again. It takes my breath away but it’s so deliciously naughty. He grabs my breasts from behind and does it again and again. Many things go through my head – this is wrong – he should be wearing a condom – but ohfuckhowgooddoesthatfeel – and I let him continue. And then he sort of makes a gutteral noise and I feel his cum all over my ass.

In that moment my disappointment is all-encompassing. I feel like I’ve been duped and used. And dirty. And it’s great.

We chat as always, he talks about what he’s been cooking up recently. We talk about threesomes and swap experiences. As we speak his cock gets harder and harder and as soon as I tell him I want to fuck him it springs to attention.

I start sucking him and he kneels up on the bed to get into the position that always delivers – him fingering me, me sucking his cock. Never fails and quickly I am shuddering on his digits. I fall back on the bed, forgiving his earlier misdemeanour.


He quickly saddles up with a condom and I ride him like a devil. There is something about him which just works, he’s already made me cum. Tasty.

The Supply Teacher part 4 

I had dressed for dinner but without a bra or knickers. My thighs are still sticky from excitement and my breasts throb silently from the binding. He won’t let me put underwear on. I slip trainers on and we head outside. 
We’ve discussed previously what we might do and had one particular scenario in mind but I can hardly believe we are actually going to try and do it. 

I lead him to the park by the river, the evening is breezy but not cold and I zip up my jacket. My nipples are hard. 

There is no-one about and as we cross the road I lift up my dress and do a little dance for him. 

We sit on a bench and work out the lie of the land. There are very few people around but it’s by no means deserted. A couple arm in arm, a dog walker or two. We move to the area behind the bench, birch trees sprout from the ground like sentries. Bushes hide us from the main path. I kneel down and he unfurls his cock for me to swallow. My head bangs against the tree trunk as he thrusts into me. My cunt seeps. I realise I can’t kneel on the ground for much longer and then I hear voices. 

We both spring up and dash back to the bench giggling. We take a walk again to see if there is a better place. There isn’t. 

We return to the same spot and repeat the ritual. He pulls me up to kiss him and I free my breasts from the dress so they are bare to the wind. He calls me a slut and I love it, grabbing them and twisting my nipples. I tell him to lick me and he bends down to taste me, I thrust against him this time. 

I tell him we should have brought condoms, my urge to fuck him outside is overwhelming. 


On the way back we both hold our stomachs at the same time and complain of indigestion. It’s amusing that a short walk and a semi-roll in the hay has turned into a potential hunt for Gaviscon.

Back indoors I am so quick to strip off that he comments upon it. I feel comfortable with the hairy dude I’ve only been in the company of for the afternoon. And? 


I sleep like a log, pretty sated by our exploits. In the morning, his snoring wakes me and I nudge him away. I thankfully remember my party trick and duck under the covers to wake him. 

His cock grows bigger in my mouth and I beg him to fuck me. I ride him, what I’ve wanted to do since meeting him. It feels incredible. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve come. 

The Supply Teacher part 3 

For the next activity, we need to dress up. I take out my paltry suspender belt selection and fasten one around his waist. He pulls on his hold ups while I do mine. He can’t fasten his to the straps so I lend him stockings and help him do the backs. We laugh at how fucking difficult these are to put on. I marvel at the incongruity of the situation once again: a large hairy man in skimpy panties, stockings and suspenders. My ultimate fetish made flesh, and he is tremendously into it. We are both clad in black lace and pantyhose and it feels great. He almost looks too comfortable strutting around my bedroom like a peacock. He lies back on the bed and I take a new buttplug and lube it up. I slide it very gently into his ass and we kiss. It’s not all the way in and he gasps as I push it further. 

I lube up the dildo which hangs between my legs and compare the size to his cock, something I always love to do. I kneel by his face and he sucks the end. 

I take out the buttplug carefully and replace it with the tip of the dildo. It’s his first time, this hairy strong man and I don’t want to hurt him. 

I ease myself in and he holds his legs apart, gasping as I slowly push inside. I don’t have much purchase and my pleasure is only derived from his facial expressions and grunts. The strap on isn’t quite at the right angle for me to come this time. 

I enter him further, very slowly until its right up to the hilt. He groans in pleasure and I check he’s okay. 

“God you know how to fuck don’t you?” He spits and cries out in pleasure. I smile to myself : that is my trigger to thrust slowly in and out. And then

“Oh god I need you to do it again”. 

I’m amazed he’s taken so well to it. We swap positions so he is on top of me, lowering himself onto the dildo. That position is hotter although I can’t really move. But it certainly gives me a thrill as well. 

He comes with abandon all over my chest as I’m fucking him. Hot dawg. 

We eventually catch our breath and he suddenly asks if I’m hungry. We decide to order a Chinese. It’s strange but lovely to share a gluttonous meal with someone you’ve just been fabulously filthy with and it’s almost as enjoyable as our previous activities. Especially the chicken balls.