Room 305

He has been wearing a cock cage for a week; the key has been posted to me. I am on a train destined for the South West Coast and he will meet me at the other end; the frisson of that alone is soaking my knickers.

I wanted to surprise him with a top showing most of my cleavage but I have forgotten my skirt and am now wearing the dress I was meant to wear tomorrow. It makes me beat myself up until my friend says : “he wants to see you, not a skirt”.

He is a Dom, but he has switched for me, maybe for himself. The scenario is simple. He warms me up, a guy joins us for an hour and he plays the cuckold.

Hot right?


We close the hotel room door and he locks it. I whip off the hated dress and tell him to undo the poppers on the crotch of my body. He remarks how soaked I am. I already know as I checked in the loo on the train. I have never travelled this far just for sex.

I tell him to lick me through the panties and I fall back on the bed, bending my legs to go over his shoulders. I don’t want to be anywhere else right now. He tells me I’m not allowed to come before our visitor does, but we have four and a half hours. Maybe we can get him to come earlier – I say no.

I make him put on my soaking wet panties and get him to sit on the armchair where he will sit later, watching us. I kneel and open my mouth to take the cage and his cock. He cries out, both in pain and pleasure, and I blush at the power I have over him. I lick his balls, the only thing free from the cage. They look purple and swollen – I know he has struggled with this. I take the buttplug from my bag and lube it up, pushing it slowly in. His face is a picture, he is transported, smiling and grimacing at the same time, gasping. My thighs are wet.

I tell him I need to sit on his face and it is as delicious as I remember. I have to keep dismounting as I am about to cum. I now have chance to examine his cage more closely. His cock is shrunk, looking dejected. I stab my tongue in the areas he can feel and I notice pre-cum dripping from it.

Of course, I climb back onto him, thinking I can stop myself. But before I know it, my orgasm takes me by surprise and yet again I have broken the rules.

He begs me to fuck him. He even tries to fit the cage inside me, which is deliciously cold and hard but not sensible. I ask if he wants me to take his ass instead and he begs me to.

We both dress in stockings and suspenders: I wear his hold ups and he wears mine.

This time he holds his legs open and I slide the buttplug out and my smooth black dildo inside. He kneads my breasts and I watch his face as he gasps as I edge it in further. But I won’t let him cum.

Somehow we only have half an hour left. I’m now in a black waist cincher and heels; he has obediently already put on his collar and leash. We sit on the bed waiting, both nervously watching the door.

And then there is a knock.

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