The Chef, again

I’m landing at 6, I’m expecting him at 7. It’s hot and I’m sure as hell not going to dress up in suspenders and all that get-up. I select a new set of underwear and my robe. Of course he isn’t on time.

This time he’s brought toys. Some restraints and a We Vibe. I’m excited and my knickers are wet way before he gets there. I haven’t had sex for three weeks and I want it to be someone familiar.

I like him a lot, and I still can’t work out how much he likes me. I like him enough to kneel down before him, pull down his shorts and take him in my mouth. I like him enough to grasp the back of his thighs as his legs buckle. I like it when he pushes me back on the bed and pull my legs apart roughly so he can lick between them.

And then he brings out the We Vibe. A tiny toy which goes inside me while we fuck to stimulate the clit. I lube it up and insert it, game for something new and exciting. He has the control in his hands and I wrestle it off him – both of us laughing. I lie back and he goes to enter me. And the battery fizzes to a halt. We laugh again.

He takes out his restraints and ties my hands behind my back, and attaches them to my collar. He’s behind me and now I can’t really tell what he’s going to do despite not being blindfolded.

He rubs his cock between my ass cheeks and plunges it into my pussy, then swiftly takes it out again. It takes my breath away but it’s so deliciously naughty. He grabs my breasts from behind and does it again and again. Many things go through my head – this is wrong – he should be wearing a condom – but ohfuckhowgooddoesthatfeel – and I let him continue. And then he sort of makes a gutteral noise and I feel his cum all over my ass.

In that moment my disappointment is all-encompassing. I feel like I’ve been duped and used. And dirty. And it’s great.

We chat as always, he talks about what he’s been cooking up recently. We talk about threesomes and swap experiences. As we speak his cock gets harder and harder and as soon as I tell him I want to fuck him it springs to attention.

I start sucking him and he kneels up on the bed to get into the position that always delivers – him fingering me, me sucking his cock. Never fails and quickly I am shuddering on his digits. I fall back on the bed, forgiving his earlier misdemeanour.


He quickly saddles up with a condom and I ride him like a devil. There is something about him which just works, he’s already made me cum. Tasty.