The Supply Teacher part 4 

I had dressed for dinner but without a bra or knickers. My thighs are still sticky from excitement and my breasts throb silently from the binding. He won’t let me put underwear on. I slip trainers on and we head outside. 
We’ve discussed previously what we might do and had one particular scenario in mind but I can hardly believe we are actually going to try and do it. 

I lead him to the park by the river, the evening is breezy but not cold and I zip up my jacket. My nipples are hard. 

There is no-one about and as we cross the road I lift up my dress and do a little dance for him. 

We sit on a bench and work out the lie of the land. There are very few people around but it’s by no means deserted. A couple arm in arm, a dog walker or two. We move to the area behind the bench, birch trees sprout from the ground like sentries. Bushes hide us from the main path. I kneel down and he unfurls his cock for me to swallow. My head bangs against the tree trunk as he thrusts into me. My cunt seeps. I realise I can’t kneel on the ground for much longer and then I hear voices. 

We both spring up and dash back to the bench giggling. We take a walk again to see if there is a better place. There isn’t. 

We return to the same spot and repeat the ritual. He pulls me up to kiss him and I free my breasts from the dress so they are bare to the wind. He calls me a slut and I love it, grabbing them and twisting my nipples. I tell him to lick me and he bends down to taste me, I thrust against him this time. 

I tell him we should have brought condoms, my urge to fuck him outside is overwhelming. 


On the way back we both hold our stomachs at the same time and complain of indigestion. It’s amusing that a short walk and a semi-roll in the hay has turned into a potential hunt for Gaviscon.

Back indoors I am so quick to strip off that he comments upon it. I feel comfortable with the hairy dude I’ve only been in the company of for the afternoon. And? 


I sleep like a log, pretty sated by our exploits. In the morning, his snoring wakes me and I nudge him away. I thankfully remember my party trick and duck under the covers to wake him. 

His cock grows bigger in my mouth and I beg him to fuck me. I ride him, what I’ve wanted to do since meeting him. It feels incredible. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve come.