The Supply Teacher part 3 

For the next activity, we need to dress up. I take out my paltry suspender belt selection and fasten one around his waist. He pulls on his hold ups while I do mine. He can’t fasten his to the straps so I lend him stockings and help him do the backs. We laugh at how fucking difficult these are to put on. I marvel at the incongruity of the situation once again: a large hairy man in skimpy panties, stockings and suspenders. My ultimate fetish made flesh, and he is tremendously into it. We are both clad in black lace and pantyhose and it feels great. He almost looks too comfortable strutting around my bedroom like a peacock. He lies back on the bed and I take a new buttplug and lube it up. I slide it very gently into his ass and we kiss. It’s not all the way in and he gasps as I push it further. 

I lube up the dildo which hangs between my legs and compare the size to his cock, something I always love to do. I kneel by his face and he sucks the end. 

I take out the buttplug carefully and replace it with the tip of the dildo. It’s his first time, this hairy strong man and I don’t want to hurt him. 

I ease myself in and he holds his legs apart, gasping as I slowly push inside. I don’t have much purchase and my pleasure is only derived from his facial expressions and grunts. The strap on isn’t quite at the right angle for me to come this time. 

I enter him further, very slowly until its right up to the hilt. He groans in pleasure and I check he’s okay. 

“God you know how to fuck don’t you?” He spits and cries out in pleasure. I smile to myself : that is my trigger to thrust slowly in and out. And then

“Oh god I need you to do it again”. 

I’m amazed he’s taken so well to it. We swap positions so he is on top of me, lowering himself onto the dildo. That position is hotter although I can’t really move. But it certainly gives me a thrill as well. 

He comes with abandon all over my chest as I’m fucking him. Hot dawg. 

We eventually catch our breath and he suddenly asks if I’m hungry. We decide to order a Chinese. It’s strange but lovely to share a gluttonous meal with someone you’ve just been fabulously filthy with and it’s almost as enjoyable as our previous activities. Especially the chicken balls.