The Supply Teacher part 2

What I’ve forgotten to tell you is that he’s wearing ladies knickers and has been since the morning, when he boarded the train for his 3 hour journey. He’s found out one of my biggest kinks and gone and bought them specially. Black with lace trim, his cock bulging out. He gets a kick out of it just as much as I do. Of course I suck him next. I have the contented feeling I always get from having a cock in my mouth – I don’t care what you think of me. The smell, the texture, the control. He whispers encouragement like “good girl” and my reward is him going down on me. Whilst he wears my soaked knickers. 

We roll around until I’m properly astride his face. Grinding into his beard as his mouth and lips slide over my clit and lips. I try and swallow his cock whole but always so hard to concentrate. I come twice in quick succession and he lets me, this time.


My obsession with shibari started very recently after I got sent some porn by a fuckboy; in it the woman had her tits tied. I tried to work out how it was done. When D said he could do it, I was hooked. 

Slowly, tenderly, he cuffs and locks my wrists together and ties them behind my back. My breasts are bound with silk rope and somehow attached to my wrists and a collar. My ankles also have cuffs, they feel cold and unfamiliar but sexy. 

And then he clamps the blindfold on to me. I lose it for a moment, then remember to breathe. He checks I’m okay and I relax. It’s my first time. 

I’m still standing up and he whips my breasts with the tasselled flogger, pinching my nipples and slapping them. Next my pussy is hit with the riding crop – it is indescribable the feeling of utter submission and mystery of what is coming next. 

He lies me on the bed, arms bent behind me and goes to work on my pussy. I am surprised that this is my treatment – I expected harsh punishment. His lips move to my breasts, my neck, my arms and he kisses my skin in reverence as if I am a queen. 

His fingers enter me, a little cold and a huge thrill. I cry out and he clamps a hand over my mouth, then feeding me his fingers to taste myself. And then my arms can’t take the weight anymore, I cry out for him to release me. He helps me up and loosens my wrists. I laugh with sheer pleasure, hit between the eyes with euphoria and I can’t stop. He takes off the blindfold and kisses me.