The Supply Teacher 

I have instructions. He has asked me to wear love eggs and a butt plug. It’s the first time I’ve worn either outside of the house, and the former ever. 
We’ve had several Sessions of phone sex already : this I’m equally embarassed and turned on by. Something I have probably only had a handful of times if at all. But of course it’s different with him.  We were supposed to deny ourselves orgasm but failed. I am to call him sir, he is to call me by my name, as so few people do. 

We’ve also discussed many scenarios but I don’t want to get too presumptious. You never can tell. 

By the time I meet him my I’m really uncomfortable. The love eggs seem to have had no effect but my knickers are soaked. The buttplug is probing just too hard into my ass and I can barely sit down properly, certainly not in any unselfconscious way. The bus journey was particularly irritating. He enjoys this and savours his coffee as we make small talk. 

Later, as we descend the escalator to the underground his fingers reach up my skirt and infiltrate my knickers, he puts his fingers in his mouth and nods approvingly. It is perhaps the filthiest and most exciting thing anyone has done to me and it makes me feel like a goddess. 


I kneel before him, hands on my thighs. The sense of anticipation is unreal. I start to undo his belt but he stops me. He holds my chin tenderly, looks straight in my eyes and bends down to finger me, then makes me lick it clean. I feel my pussy throb with anticipation and my knickers getting wetter. He has already let me take out the buttplug, because I looked so upset about it. 

He pulls my knickers off and inspects the wet crotch, sniffing and licking it with moans of approval. Then he puts it over my mouth and kisses me through it.