Mirror 2

Many things go through my mind – “you know what to do, you have one”, “hurry up” “figure of 8”. She is smoother than me and I blush as I remember I haven’t shaved as closely as usual. 

I start to lick her outer lips, tasting her saltiness, she is very wet and I can also taste the condom and part of him. I remember to focus on the clit and nibble and suck the top swirling my tongue down her opening. 

And then the familiar feeling of his cock rubbing around my pussy and then it’s in. Oh god what delight. This is easy. He pushes into me, I dive deeper into her pussy, my mouth and part of my nose breathing her in. He grabs my hips and fucks me hard – part of me wants him all to myself and the other part enjoys this show I’m putting on. I slide a finger into her, not wanting to scratch her with my nails. She only cries out more. She feels warm inside, and now I understand the lure every woman has. 

My arms are now hurting and she’s close, I travel up and knead her breasts which are sort of conical shaped, I kiss her so she can taste herself on me. We share a moment of intimacy as she looks at me and says “don’t stop”. 
Bringing the strap-on was a flourish, braggadocio on my part. She’s up for it of course, but I could have left it at home. I put my knickers back on, soaking wet from anticipation and fasten it on. He is now spent, not yet ejaculated but his cock is soft again, mournful even, with the condom still on. I compare my dildo with his cock and ask him to suck it. He won’t of course, but kisses the end. 

She lubes it up and I slide right in, mounting her and driving into her depths. It’s almost too easy. He’s lying beside us watching me, idly playing with his cock. The sweat is dripping off me as I try to find purchase and the best position. I vary the speed and pump her like my life depends on it. 

And I realise immediately why some guys prefer anal. She is too slick, too wet, too open. And then she opens her mouth and cries 

“Oh god L you fuck better than a man”. 

That is my trigger, I am lost in my own orgasm now, the ultimate compliment. She grabs my breasts and says they are amazing. And then she comes too. 

I take off the harness and offer it to her. She takes clean knickers from a drawer and puts it on, remarking how heavy it is. He’s now totally hard, kisses me and squeezes my hand. “You’re an animal” he says in my ear. 

She mounts me and plunges the dildo inside. Wow. It’s like my birthday. But she can’t sustain the thrusting I need. He kneels over me and put his throbbing cock in my mouth. So this is what it feels like to have two. 


We take turns again sucking his cock, rubbing the shaft and giggling, looking up at him. he quickly reaches orgasm and spurts cum over both of us and the bed.