Here we go again

So here we are : my first threesome in 6 years. The last time was traumatic and I’m keen to please M and shake off the bad experience. I’m trying not to overthink it : it’s just sex with one more person than usual, I trust him. More than that – I was a different person back then. I’ve grown up, I’ve grown a thicker skin.

I’ve chosen a black corset-style bodystocking with cut out tits but with a bra and thong over the top to preserve some of the mystery. Of course I’m nervous but the admin had been taken care of and the guy arranged by M. I’ve even chatted a little to him online so I know he’s real. 

We are introduced first which makes me chuckle, I don’t at this moment care about names. Barely anyone uses my name, dare I admit it’s actually one of my kinks? 

I pull off my dress and I have two pairs of eyes admiring me. It’s hard not to focus my attention on C as he’s about 6 foot 7, huge hands and dick swaying in front of him with a marvellous chest like it’s been sculpted. He grins at me as I trace my fingers over it. What a treat.

I can’t remember how everything happens but I enjoy two sets of hands on me, two lips, two cocks and two guys, wow this is easy. M takes a few photos : one of me sucking M and one of him fucking me. They are pretty good. 

I can’t come though. I try not to think about it but I notice M can’t even get hard, which is unusual. I take him in my mouth and I can smell something on him: is it sweat or his ass? Either way it’s odd, he’s always so clean and fresh. Performance anxiety? 

At one point he leaves to get something to drink out of his car and I almost lose it. It’s a big trigger as this happened in my last 3. I’m left with C pounding me which is a bit strange and disconcerting. Luckily he comes back pretty soon. We do all of the possible positions: C fucking me from behind while I suck M’s dick, me on my back while M licks me and C’s cock is in my mouth. At one point M grabs my ankles so tightly I have to tell him to stop.


I ask C if he can come from a blow job “No” comes the reply. Hmmm, we are in a pickle then. 

C fucks me hard and I feel nothing. It’s just very mechanical and sexless, soon I’m fairly sore and numb from the repeated pounding. I ask for several breaks but they can’t leave me alone for long. Fingers and tongue probe me, I even manage to squirt a little despite my nerves. Tee hee. 


I finally come with C’s cock in my mouth and M’s mouth on my pussy – what actually turns me on is the sound of C noisily kissing and sucking my nipples. 

C isn’t going to come at all and M can barely get hard. 

I say to C how long is it and he says an hour and 15 and I say no your dick and we all crack up. “8 inches.”

C leaves and I think it’s all over as M puts his clothes on. I do the same but suddenly M is rock hard, pushing me back on the bed and pulling up my dress. He’s back in the room and 💯 on me. It’s doing wonders for my ego. He licks me, and I take a photo of him doing it. 

He tells me to kneel on the bed and he fucks me from behind, coming almost immediately. 

That’s the best bit.