Tuesday afternoon

He’s asked me to get out the toys for this visit. I don’t have much time so I only get a small selection of what I use and what I’d like him to use on me. It’s always interesting to see what a guy chooses, and it’s often the opposite of what I might want.

He goes down on me straightaway and I’m able to squirt a little as I haven’t seen him in weeks. I’ve been away and although he promised to come and visit he didn’t.

He takes up the rabbit vibrator and struggles to use it – I have to show him that the ears go on the clit and the main part inside. He looks fascinated as he brandishes it and also licks me and used his hands.

He also grabs the Doxy and tries that, almost getting it inside me, until I cry out. He tells me he used to run a sex toy business until Facebook marketplace closed it down. I laugh and ask for the leftovers.

Eventually my cunt is numb, I can’t even feel his dick inside me. He comes inside anyway and I enjoy the feeling of his tongue licking his own cum as he fingers me, making me squirt again.

He lies back and I guess he doesn’t have to rush off this time. He tells me about a bi club we should go to, but as with most plans it doesn’t work out.

He leaves and I start to clear up after him. The vibe is covered in my blood.

I’m sore for a couple of days, but it’s worth it.