The Postman

In a pandemic, the natural step is to indulge in some self- love. You’re not allowed to meet new guys or even old guys unless you know where they have been and weighed up the risk. Truth is, even the old guys have disappeared. Because they had girlfriends all along anyway, and now they can’t play around.

I spent February – August on dating apps. The results were pretty shocking from the guy who came on a date and then ghosted but after two weeks said he wasn’t looking for a relationship to the local guy who I kept seeing with different women each month. As a friend perfectly coined it, dating is now akin to self-harm.

August brought some new sex toys – not all hit the spot. First some nipple suckers (useless, don’t waste your money) and a beginners buttplug. Both disappointing. I dialled it up a few weeks later with a triple hole vibe (too fiddly, minimal joy) a huge rubber dildo and nipple clamps attached to a ball gag.

I had a lot of fun with the dildo and the clamps/ball gag. The latter became a staple of solo sessions. Something very hot about being so restricted alone. But the time comes when solo play doesn’t hit the spot anymore.

He’s very good at flirting with me on the phone, I take this as a good sign. So when he calls a bit drunk after I’ve walked away from a guy I don’t fancy or want to fuck at all, I’m all ears. My principles have stopped me from popping the 16-month drought with someone, but serendipity serves me another opportunity.

Sure, I’m taking a risk by meeting a guy at the end of my road, but I can always say no. After all I just did. I am all powerful, master of my own destiny. But when I step off the bus and actually see him, it’s a huge relief. On first sight I fancy him, and he’s just a ball of energy. The complete opposite to the guy I’ve just spent an hour with.

And yeah I’m horny and all dressed up and ready for sex. So when we have a giggle together, dance and sing it feels fabulous. I haven’t had a man touch me in over a year, and I’m not including the osteopath in that because he never kissed my neck.

Yeah, that happens straightaway. Even a hand on my waist is enough. And despite it being so long I settle into the familiar dance with all the energy I can. I have flashbacks for weeks about his body contorted to push his cock into my mouth while fingering and licking my pussy. Oh god what a feeling. To return to form with someone who knows what I like.

His cock is the perfect shape, perfect form, perfect girth. It’s poetry in my mouth and he likes to tell me what i need to do with it – “Hold it tighter” he urges, as I learn he hates his balls and nipples being touched.

We are at it for hours and I cum on top of him, shattering all inhibitions. We are so compatible in bed its crazy – his demands really turn me on. It is a glorious return to form. But I am not prepared for what happens next.