The guy in advertising

Both of us have been drinking and we end up meeting later than I’d have liked. But my run of being sensible has ended in a flaming glory of hormones and lust.

Earlier in the day we’d wound each other up so much that I ended up wanking on a business webinar (audio only but I covered up my camera just in case) but only edged myself to frustration not orgasm.

No, I don’t fancy him on sight but I want to be fucked.

We get back to mine and are all over each other. He’s got soft wet lips and we kiss well together. He smells great too. We move upstairs. And kiss a lot more.

So when I run my hand over his trousers and find very little there I’m a little disappointed. I’m no size queen but I do like a girth. He’s promised me a massage and I’m stressed like a monkey who can’t get hold of bananas so I’m game with bells on.

He’s brought some jojoba oil with him which is new one on me so I lie on my front as he tells me, still with knickers on.

He starts by dripping oil over my back, and massaging it in. He’s still got trousers on at this point. I can’t stop groaning as even I can feel how smooth and sexy my body is with a light coating and his hands all over me. Sometimes his hands stray underneath and massage my boobs, and sometimes the inner thigh. I push back and have my bum in the air craving him to touch me there. He takes the oil and drips it in the small of my back. And then takes off my knickers. Massages my butt cheeks and cheekily smoothed his hands underneath. It’s driving me wild.

Once all the oil is rubbed in he tells me to turn over. Now his cock is exposed I can see it’s small: and he doesn’t want me to touch it, pushing my hands away. And then he goes down on me.

Oh my goodness I am in the hands of a pro here. He seems to know exactly what I want and how I tick. I come immediately, and then around 10 minutes later due to his mouth and fingers working in tandem. It’s a welcome return of my orgasm skills. I ask if I can return the favour and guide his cock into my mouth. Oddly he has no reaction – it doesn’t grow harder, he doesn’t groan, in fact it’s like he doesn’t actually want it.

I ask him to fuck me, he tells me he’d rather make me come again. Which I guess isn’t as selfish as the average guy. We end up in an awkward 69 position but I have to keep pulling him off my pussy as his stubble is somehow causing too much friction and my clit is now on fire.

He kneels beside me and pumps into my mouth, during which, worryingly I can simultaneously smell something that smells like his feet and his ass. His balls hang down and bang against my cheek. But he’s done.

Off he goes into the night. I’m exhausted, and still somehow missing something.