The Copier Repairman

It’s less than 24 hours since the last fuck but I still need some more good hard dick. This guy is at least in the area and I’m working from home. No-one will notice I’m not online for half an hour right?

Fuck, he’s much better looking in the flesh: neatly trimmed beard, freckles and piercing blue eyes. And a shirt and tie. I love a shirt and tie even if it’s a work uniform.

I’m gushing over him, I can tell. I’m away for the weekend and he’s already offered me a lift there.

We leave and walk the short journey back to mine.

As we go upstairs he grabs my ass and I feel my knickers go wet.

He’s wearing flat fronted trousers, I undo his shirt buttons and his chest is revealed, a beautiful gorilla haired chest. I want to put my face in it. Meanwhile he is undoing my shirt and pushing me back onto the bed.

I literally blink and he is now naked standing over me pushing his cock into my mouth. Maybe he is saying things but I am being used as a fuck toy at this point so my brain is spliced. I feel tears running down my cheeks as he pushes me into positions and throat fucks me, roughly. Is this too much? I can feel his fingers in my pussy and hear how wet it is. So maybe it’s what I like, what I need. He calls me a lot of things – filthy little slut is one of them. I giggle.

He doesn’t want to go down on me, he wants to fuck me. I give him a condom and he flips it on then teases me. I climb on top and he tells me to go for it. As soon as he slides in we can both tell it’s a good fit. His eyes widen and he tells me he’s coming back for more in the future. He tries to pump me from underneath and I tell him to slow down. I ride him but know I’m not gonna come so easily. Until he licks his fingers and plays with my clit. Oh my. He’s a royal fuckboy, goes straight to the top of my list.

He kneads and bites my tits and I ride him harder, properly grinding him and come within a few minutes. He’s slower and follows me a while later.

He agrees to call by later and give me a lift to the coast.

It’s about 10 mins before I need to leave before catching the train. He tells me he can’t make it back in time to give me a lift. Who cares anyway, would have been an awkward ride down.

A few hours later I realise he’s blocked me on the site. What a dick.

A day later I wonder why my throat hurts so much. Filthy little slut.