The Electrician

He’s not my usual type but he’s made me laugh on messages and he’s available during the day which is what I need right now.

We meet in the designated coffee shop which he struggles to find. Very quickly we are back at mine and he pushes me against the wall to kiss me once I close the door.

Oddly I’m not as turned on as usual- maybe I’m craving a cock just for the sake of it. I do wonder sometimes. When you’re not in a regular relationship you can clutch at straws.

He’s very ginger and slaps my ass as I lead him upstairs. He undresses me and caresses my breasts expertly. Soon he’s nuzzling and kissing my nipples. It’s the attention I crave. Soon he’s down between my legs and lapping away, working my clit with passion and speed. I like his eagerness and go to return the favour but he stops me.

“I’m gonna come really soon” he says and he resumes licking my pussy.

This is the terrible thing about fucking – if a guy gets too turned on he’s gonna blow very quickly. I’ve not had a guy like this for a while, truth be told.

I tell him I want him to fuck me.

I help him put on the condom. He plunged into me, he’s a good size and I tell him to fuck me harder.

Game over. He comes pretty loudly straightaway.

He leaves soon afterwards and I don’t even wank myself to orgasm.