The Fireman

I know right? I could just end the blog here and mic drop. Every woman’s fantasy.

We meet for a coffee around the corner during which I learn three things:

1. He’s a lot fucking hotter than his pictures

2. He is a gentleman and buys the drinks

3. He is wearing drawstring jogging bottoms and they are undone

At numbers 1 and 3 I am a hot mess.

We chat for maybe 10 minutes and I ask if he wants to come back. He almost stands up before I’ve finished the sentence.

Back at mine he stands in front of me and puts his phone and keys on my dresser. I make a joke about his trousers and he replies “ready for action”.

We kiss and I can tell already this is going to be insanely good. He’s slow and sensual, not fast and furious. There’s no prodding and poking of my body, it’s respectful and soft. Just a hand around my waist and bum. I undo my top and he handles my breast with care, pulling them out and kicking the nipples : I can’t stop shivering from his touch. We get onto the bed and he pulls off my trousers, peeling them like a banana. And then there are kisses all over my thighs. A trail of kisses from my neck down to my knickers. It’s a long long time since anyone has done anything like that.

His body is like marble or alabaster. Defined chest, thin waist and athletic legs. His cock stands proudly and I hold it, judging its girth. I don’t get long: he’s down between my legs in no time. And what a master he is. His face is buried into my pussy, lapping and nudging and teasing. I steer his head into the places I want him to go, it feels oddly sensual holding a shaved head for once . I come almost immediately. He’s delighted and climbs up my body again, kissing as he goes.

I love the taste of my pussy on someone else’s lips. It’s surely one of the hottest things about fucking right?

I pass him a condom and we manoeuvre into a missionary. It’s not quite right but everything about his cock filling me and his weight on top of me is enough. We switch a few times and he tells me he’s going to come. He’s pushing on top of me, kissing my neck and grunting a lot. He’d told me previously he hadn’t fucked for a while.

He pulls out and says “there’s a lot”. I look at the condom and he’s right. It’s more than a spoonful.

He asks for a shower and we both use the bathroom in an oddly intimate exchange.

Back in my room he dresses and then lies back on my bed joking he could fall asleep.

I half wish he would but I have to pack for a weekend away.

Later that evening he texts me : ” you’re so beautiful please can we do that again soon – I had a lot of fun 😊”

Reader. I hit the jackpot.