We’ve slept together a few times now, I know he’s active on the swinging scene and enjoys clubs. Last time he came over but forgot to get the equipment out of the car.

This visit I ask him to bring it in. He shows me the hogtie, it looks like an innocent collection of fabric, straps and metal. He tells me to undress completely and now I’m putty in his hands, a piece of meat.

As he fastens the Velcro around my wrists and ankles I feel myself get wetter. I’m pushed on the bed with wrists and ankles behind me fastened together. I’m gonna have to be careful not to lose my balance. He’s fingering me roughly with cold hands which I also have a kink for.

I had forgotten how much I liked being tied up and controlled. He grabs my tits and pinches them too hard. I’m simultaneously loving and hating it. He’s not going to give me his cock just yet. His fingers work my clit and I moan an awful lot.

He undresses now and I really want him inside me. A condom goes on and I almost dribble. I adore watching a guy expertly unroll and put one on. He teases and rubs it around my lips before plunging in. I collapse into a weird reverse crouch: being uncomfortable while he fucks me is my new jam. I can feel my wrists burning behind my back and one of my arms goes dead. It’s the biggest turn on I’ve had in ages – I’m actually unable to move and he has total control.

He can see I’m loving it. He nips my tits with his teeth and grins, grabbing my face with his hands.

Finally I can bear no more and ask him to take me out of the hogtie. I can barely speak and anyway he’s shoving his cock in my mouth so I can’t. He pumps his come down my throat while finger fucking my pussy, alternating with a few slaps.

For a few days after my wrists have tiny red dots like a rash. I don’t know it at the time but it’s actually the last time we meet – he’s now got a girlfriend. Lucky her.