The Facilities Guy: 9 months on

I haven’t seen him in a while. He’s oddly chatty suddenly, has been looking for a new place to stay. I ask him if he needs my spare room – thinking that a lodger playing bills and fucking me is a good deal for both.

Sadly he finds somewhere closer to work but we arrange to fuck anyway.

It’s been a while but I’ve known him 3 years, probably my longest sex pal. He prowls in as usual, small talk about the house. And then he draws me into him like he always does.

This guy, the way we move together, is unlike anything I’ve ever had. He pushes me but is respectful. He challenges me to deep throat his beautiful Turkish cock, but can never actually handle it and then tells me to stop.

His eyes, the way he smells. Why is it always a rush? And why have I stopped being able to come with him?

His body has got looser with age even though he’s 10 years younger than me. I just keep looking at him and thinking how is this handsome guy fucking ME?

We take two rest breaks as it gets so hot – physically and mentally. He tells me he’s close and asks where to cum. I ask him to cum on my pussy and he obliges, but very quickly handing me tissues to clean up.

I contract a UTI a few days later. Don’t do it kids!