Room 506

He’s in the lift again, this time in shorts and shirt, as if someone has just disturbed him getting undressed. We’re not alone on the journey up to his room so there is an awkward tension and I don’t say anything.

This time I take note of the room number. It’s a suite: fully equipped kitchen and dining table, lounge and adjoining bedroom. Dark grey and masculine. I toss off my coat and scarf over a chair and he pulls down the shorts exposing a swaying cock. I kneel and take it in my mouth. He had asked me to surprise him. I have nothing : my bag of tricks is at someone else’s house. So I do what I do best and arouse him even more with my mouth. Soon I am spread-legged on the chair with him licking my clit. His fingers smooth down his beard then tongue my intimate places. I grab on the arms and wonder why it’s so cold in here. I’m comfortably uncomfortable and feeling self conscious. We switch places and he sits in the chair. I try and sit on his cock but the arms are in the way. He pumps me from behind as I lean on it for a bit, then we move to the sofa. I fuck him there and feel nothing. Something isn’t quite right so we move to the bed.

I know already I’m not going to come. I’ve been masturbating too much alone recently. He comes fucking me from behind – there are shades where I am close but ultimately he has started to bore me.

I want him to be rougher, I want him to talk to me. I want him to be someone else.

He comes and immediately goes to the bathroom to pull off the condom. He asks me why it’s pink.

I blush and mumble that I may have started my period early. Then giggle and realise it’s my lipstick from around his cock.


I could lie there and wait for round 2, but I leap up and get dressed. I sometimes like to be used and exit the scene and this is one of those times. He doesn’t stop me or tell me to stay.


Around 24 hours prior he’s confessed he’s been seeing someone in his home town. I tell him the same, he’s surprised but I tell him it’s complicated. His news turns me on a little more. But the lack of orgasms worry me, the hotel visit alone used to be a turn on.