The Government Consultant

The lobby is full of coloured balloons, I have no idea why. On each table, across the bar, on a few chairs. I want to stroll in and say “For me?” but I don’t of course. I can’t help but laugh at the analogy – condoms / balloons.

I text him to let him know I’m here and a few minutes later the lift pings and he holds it open with his foot. He’s wearing a shirt and tie, suit trousers. He looks absolutely devilish.

What I should point out is that on the way there I messaged him:

“I don’t want any small talk tonight, just straight to it”.

As I send it, my cunts throbs with longing. I’ve been spending too much time on a crank who seems to make a lot of excuses not to fuck me.

So the fact he doesn’t say anything in the lift is expected. We both stay in our corners as we go up. And then he grabs at my coat, my breast and my bum as we exit.

I never look at the room number : a sign I really don’t give a fuck what will ever happen. Tonight I want to forget everything and be used for his pleasure.

I throw my coat and scarf over the sofa which is handily situated at the end of the bed. My dress follows it. I’ve never been very good at stripping off on front of someone but I do a fine job of holding eye contact as I remove it. As he’s asked I peel off my tights and bend over so he can see my cunt. His fingers probe me and I’m instantly wet. He positions himself underneath me and I grind myself into his beard. He clutches at my breasts and hips as I moan and steady myself on the end of the bed, occasionally reaching back to grab his cock and interrupt his own manhandling.

My bra comes off and he lies on the sofa so I can get a load of his cock. As I take him in my mouth I notice some red marks between his legs which weren’t there before.

We still haven’t spoken a word, I’ve grunted in pleasure for sure. So has he.

I’m ready for his cock so I get out the condoms he’s requested. He fucks me on my back and I’m stifled by pillows, he throws my leg up and then around. I rub my clit as well, gorging myself on him.

I ride him slowly then quickly and try and work up a rhythm. We’ve still only communicated in grunts and sighs. This is good, much less tedious.

He fucks me from behind and I slap my own pussy. He loses it at the sound and shudders into me.

I ask to use his bathroom and make a bit of polite conversation. I’m in and out in about half an hour as he has a function to attend.

The whore role play is a success.