Tuesday morning

He comes over early, before 9am. I’ve been getting ready for a while but as usual seem to have run out of time. Instead of greeting him in my unwoken state I need to shower and make the effort, given his journey. I’ve selected a Mimi Holliday shocking pink set of underwear with stockings and suspenders. I bought it to use with someone else but that’s another story.

I’ve barely time to make up when the door goes and he’s here. He prowls around a little and I lead him upstairs.

I sit on the bed waiting for him to finish in the bathroom. I would love to watch him pee but we’ve never talked about that. He’s pretty traditional.

He remarks on the underwear and I’m very pleased. He’s dressed casually but smartly in black. He starts by pulling one breast out of the bra and kissing my neck at the same time. I’m sat astride his leg and immediately he catches on why I’m rubbing into him so puts his hand between my legs. I push him down and kiss him, he’s grabbing my ass, tit, neck – anything he can. Sometimes I love to be manhandled by a pro.

He tells me to lie down and starts to probe between my legs – I tell him to push the knickers aside as I’ve not put them on last. They are trapped in a cage of suspenders. Damn.

We 69. He grabs my ass tight and moulds my pussy to his face. I can barely swallow his cock down and I’m super close to coming. But can’t quite make it.

We flip and I suck him, he’s self conscious because he tells me he’s shaved himself. I shrug, no big deal. I enjoy slurping and watching him. He pulls my head down to deep throat him. For him I really don’t object. I trust him.

He asks for a condom and we do the dance for a while. Even though we have all the time in the world something is stopping me from hitting my O. He can tell, but doesn’t mention it.

We flip again and I hang off the edge of the bed swallowing his cock; he pumps me from the side as I get pushed into the corner of the room; he fingers me after lubing me up (by this time I have become numb and dry) and various other totally horny manoeuvres.

We catch our breath and chat a bit. He’s still hard, neither of us have come yet. He strips off the condom.

The breather works though; just as I’m thinking about how I’ve lost the ability to orgasm with a guy completely, his fingers trace a path to my pussy again.

It’s like I’ve been reborn. I straddle him and rub his cock against the outside of my pussy, riding him but not riding him. Rubbing him.

Oh fuck.

I tell him I’m going to come.

And there I go. From no penetration at all, just dry humping with no clothes on.

I think the turn on is the no condom bit.

I have become something quite unique haven’t I?