The Consultant again

There is nothing like dashing through the city’s commuter crowd with no knickers on. Ok, it’s November so I’m wearing tights but the crotch is soaked. I rushing to meet him at his hotel, dressed in the filthiest get up I could manage: a crotchless bodysuit with holes for my tits to poke out of, covered by a black satin basque.

He meets me in the lobby and grabs me in the lift, I trace the outline of his erection in his jeans.

He opens the door to his room and we go in. I don’t even make a note of the number. I’m delighted with myself for getting this far, a new room to ravage, and someone else to clear up. I undress quickly and show him my outfit – his erection means he has to take off his clothes. I get out my collar and lead and asks if he wants to use them – moments later I am pulled to the chaise longue and lie back. He tongues my clit and teases my pussy – oh reader it is sublime. I think about how I played with myself before I left the house, and then he pops a finger inside. It’s a little cold but delicious. I buck and writhe in his hands and he pulls me to the bed. He’s the kind of guy who likes to pull my legs apart and graze there . He uses a series of movements which have me in ecstasy; a little nibble of the clit, his tongue brushing the whole area, his finger inside and oh god I am coming and he is still nibbling my clit and it’s too much and I keep shuddering but it is beautiful.

Wordlessly he reaches for a condom and I marvel at how his cock stands so hard out in front but with a little curve at the end. We fuck on the bed, the chaise longue and then he drags me to the table – I kneel on a stool and press my tits against the cold marble. He tried to whip me with the leash. On the bed he comes on top of me after twisting my body this way and that.

We lie there and chat for a little while and I use the bathroom. I retrieve my things and produce a new basque from my bag to wear home. The crotchless one isn’t what I want to climb into now.

He admires it and miraculously his erection appears again. I blush as he pulls me back onto the bed. My mouth says “I love being your hotel slut” and he kisses me.