Post-Date: The Hairdresser

3 days later and I’ve had time to think about the encounter. Nothing terrible happened, but there wasn’t much passion to it. So how did we have a simultaneous orgasm?

Was it his smooth, tanned and hairless body? Was it how hard his cock was, so much so it was almost purple? Was it letting him lick and play with my breasts for longer than usual?

I want to tell you about the way I lay on top of him, with his cock nestled in my butt cheeks, and as I reached back to feel it, exclaiming how wet it was. I need to explain how he knelt to lick my clit and pussy lips, me wondering if he was doing it just because I asked, under duress. I lay there, wanting more but still bucking and reeling at his touch. And when his fingers enter me I almost lose it. I was wet way before I even met him, so intense was my libido; and now I am struggling to stay in control.

I can tell to sit on his face is too much for him so I take his stalk in my hands and mouth. And then I can take no more. I hand him a condom and climb on top. As he slides inside I smile – it feels incredible. His face is quite a picture, I can’t tell what he’s thinking. He buries his face in my tits and I quite enjoy him practically washing his face with them. I slide up and down his stiff pole and very quickly I’m coming. His face scrunches up and I realise he is too.

We go again a little later and he rides me this time. His technique amuses me. And there he goes – the condom full of his cum.

He’s scratched my itch and I’m glad. Maybe the secret is not to think about it at all?