The Facilities Manager ad infinitum

It has been months. So when I bump into him at the station I don’t quite recognise him, I actually think “hmm he’s handsome” before he waves at me and shocks me out of my daze. There is a lot of small talk as we travel to mine. I look at him and acknowledge the fact I am being greedy. But him contacting me was a nice surprise and I do not want to turn him down.

Back at mine we feel and fall into each other. His cock feels like a thick log in his pants, always bigger than I remember. He pushes me back on the bed and we grope each other through layers. The room is chilly and between my legs is wet. It’s like an old dance between us but where once there were feelings, now there is nothing. But I enjoy the way he handles me, forcing his fingers into my knickers and licking my clit. He’s a true artist – I have never known anyone eat me with such gusto. That is enough to turn me on alone.

We move to 69 and I grind myself on his beard, swallowing him down at the same time. But it feels hurried and I can’t relax into it. I ride him, and he bites and squeezes my tits, I’m close to coming but he stops and I lose the rhythm and momentum. We go from floor to bed and back again, he fucks me from behind, top and upside down. We take a breather but not for long enough. He cannot leave me alone, my cunt is so dry I reach for the lube. His hands explore my pussy again and my ass pops open to house his finger despite my weak protestations: I actually enjoy his cock and his finger inside me. Again I lose my orgasm in the maelstrom. He realised he can’t come from penetration either: he asks me what I want to do. I ride him again and we switch positions, me underneath.

In the end he wanks over my pussy and I frantically massage my clit, coming when his hot melty cum hits my cunt lips.