Business lunch 

I’m at a workshop offsite, the usual excruciatingly bad team-building stuff except I’m the only one from my company. The team I’m in aren’t so bad but his messages come through and are a welcome distraction. I haven’t seen him for three months and miss his ridiculousness. I miss his cockiness; and his cock.

His messages are an absolute delight: he asks where I am and if I can slip away. But in a roundabout way, and I love him for it. An hour later we are in a cab to mine. The house is a tip, I don’t even have matching underwear on. But then I remember guys rarely care about that stuff. I leap on the bed and pull off my dress. He’s just taken his jacket off. I’m at just the right height to suck his cock, so get on with the business of unleashing it. I tease him, holding it until it hardens, he slips his hand into my pants and does the same. He forces his cock into my mouth and we both groan.

There are few cocks I enjoy returning to: barely a handful of those I sleep with. It is comforting like an adult pacifier. He thrusts into my mouth, grunting, holding my hair. He knows how I like to be used – I am putty in his hands. I adjust my position so I’m hanging off the edge of the bed and he crouches above me pumping. I have a great view of his ass, and I note the hairs are matted together from his morning shit, a few traces still remain. I splutter and he pulls out.

By now we are both naked. He doesn’t go down on me this time, I suspect because I haven’t shaved. I really want his cock inside me, but he is going to tease me royally. His fingers slip in and out of me, and he makes me lick them. Suddenly he asks for a condom. He grapples with it and then turns me around. He roughly pushes into me and reaches around me for my clit. He starts pushing further into me and I give way, the whole of my upper body crumpled on the bed. He pumps quickly, I manage to move with his rhythm. Slowly I pull up to support myself, my elbows holding me up. And push back on his cock, reverse riding it. I tell him I won’t come like this.

But I do. And I go back to work smelling of cock.