Two guys, one day

The first is a regular: a former FWB recently rediscovered. It’s like going back to an old teddy bear and in the movie of my life he will be played by Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid. Except a little more trimmed. And not a giant.

He visits the same day I’ve come off the red-eye. I am horny as anything and ready for cock. He provides it, and I kneel down to worship him. He’s told me he won’t go down on me anymore because of his beard but I dismiss this and climb on top of him. His cock is small, but very powerful. We fuck twice and I only come the second time. He stays for a long time afterwards chatting and has a cup of tea.

As soon as he’s left I’m showering and choosing underwear for the next guy. The one I’m stupidly in love with, against all of my better judgements. I’m surprised he’s asked to see me, but then we have spent the past 24 hours sexting, exchanging explicit photos and videos.. I had quite forgotten what a marvellous cock he has.

We meet in the same bar as last time and share an awkward greeting – not a kiss of a hug but a sort of coming together. God I really fancy this guy. I don’t know where to put myself. I’ve selected a short flowing skirt and a partly mesh top that shows my cleavage.

We chat about whats been happening in the last month. I check my phone and he’s messaged me “I can’t stop staring”. I take that as a good sign. We move to different seating and I expect him to make a move, but his move is just to grab my thigh.


We grab more drinks to take home, I’m amazed at how much alcohol he can handle. Perhaps all men are the same. Back at mine we flirt for a bit and then he asks me why I’m always so awkward around him. I fluff him off because I can’t say I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU YOU IDIOT. Then he confesses something to me which is so huge and such a turn on I can’t really do anything but grin.

He wants to sleep with a man.

We go upstairs and again the sex is mindless, crazy and incredible. I rarely am drunk when I fuck nowadays but with him it’s just something else. Him biting my nipples, him holding my hips. Even his cock tastes perfect.  Wow. Just wow.


In the morning I am jabbed awake by his erection in my back. His hands travel over my stomach up to my breasts and I almost cry with joy. I turn to face him and go down on him. He asks for a condom and we fuck again in the morning darkness. And then he gets up.

I give him a towel, spare mens deodorant and a toothbrush. It’s not as awkward this time. I make him some toast with marmalade. He asks to borrow a hairdryer ( no man has ever asked and it makes me melt)

Yeah, I have it bad.

As we leave the house for work the builders next door are stood on the steps all drinking tea. Caught.

I simply grin and ask how the renovations are going.

Nothing can kill this buzz.