Ganache Panache

He is delivering me a cake for a colleague’s birthday. A ridiculous chocolate one with all the trimmings I ordered a week ago. I hadn’t expected him to stay and play but he notices I’m stressed and gives me a hug. He opens the lid of the box and the cake looks fantastic. He asks what’s up –  I tell him I’m trying to decide what to wear for a function the following evening so he asks if he can see the options.

He follows me upstairs and I try on a gold dress, a black one, a red one and a sparkly one. He lies on the bed, giving comments and opinions. I revel in it, loving the attention. He has another delivery to make tonight so he doesn’t have any time to stay. But as I move to show him out he quickly grabs my ass in front of the mirror and nuzzles my neck from behind so I cry out. his hand snakes under my dress and teases my pussy from my knickers. I groan again and we make it to the bed.

It’s a  quickie, and I know too quick for me to come. I ride him, enjoying his girth inside me. He bites my nipples, his beard tickling my breasts. I must look like the cat that’s got the cream. He takes me from behind, grabbing my ass and hips and pounding me. I feel used, and it feels good. I feel him come, shuddering and moaning.

He leaves and I shut the door, laughing to myself. I have a cake delivered and I’ve been fucked by the baker.

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