It’s been a month since we last got together. So much so that I crave his touch, his French whisper in my ear and his brute force, his possession of me.We’ve talked about how this time will play out. No foreplay, no oral entrees. I just want to be fucked hard, no frills. 

We’ve done this enough times for me to trust his judgement. He normally knows what I want, how and when I want it. This alone is enough of a trigger for me. 


He arrives and asks to use the bathroom quickly, I climb back under the covers. It’s cold and as usual I’m wearing very little. 

He undresses quickly and lifts up the duvet from the bottom, covering both of us. Pitch black. His hands travel upwards, stroking my thighs, up my sides and over my chest. He fumbles with the buttons and pulls my breast out of my bra. I am shocked at how good this feels, despite not being able to see anything. His fingers skim my knickers and pull the lace aside. I delve into his pants and stroke his sleeping dick, rubbing it against my hot cunt. We writhe, as he confirms this is what I want. We kiss like we haven’t kissed before, his lips are urgent and warm. 
“Did you miss me?”

He reaches for the condom and without any ceremony he plunges into me, holding my chest down with his palm. I moan, the pleasure is intense and the fear is thrilling. He moves his hand and holds my thigh down until it hurts, muttering in French in my ear, and I pull him off. 

He takes a break from fucking me and now his freezing cold fingers are sliding inside me. I can hear myself squelch, he spits onto my pussy and starts to massage my clit. Very soon I lose control of my body and I can feel the bed get wetter as he continues to rub me off. How does he do this? A combination of skill and patience and trust. It sounds boring but that combination is clearly the key. For me anyway. 


We manoeuvre to the other side of the bed to avoid the wet patch and continue. I start to grind on him, marvelling at his body and happy to be impaled there. He pulls and slaps at my tits and I arch my back enjoying the ride. He holds my ass in place and places his thumb on the entrance to my ass. He should be using lube, instead he’s licked it. I tell him to fuck me from behind and he switches with me. He goes hard, and holds me by my hair. 

We swap again and he’s on top, my legs are wrapped around him. He holds me by the throat and puts his hands on my neck. I grab his ass pulling him further inside me – it’s not as tight as I remembered. He stops and licks my pussy lips with his tongue and I pull his head into my crotch. It feels so damn good. He alternates a few times. It drives me crazy. 

We both come within a minute of each other, probably the quickest ever session. He groans and buries his face in my tits. 

I already know he doesn’t have much time. But he doesn’t make to leave. 
As usual he’s still hard after sex. I fucking hate sucking cock that smells of latex but for him I make an exception and go to work. I marvel at his dick, a two-tone wonder with a thick shaft and beautifully shaven hair. It is perfect. I play with my own pussy as I suck him. 

He pushes my head onto him, forcing it down my throat. I ask him if he wants to come on my face – of course he says yes. 

He kneels over me, cock in hand, rubbing it around my mouth. Very soon I’m coated in his load, grinning as he goes to clean up. 

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  1. I feel like my face is making the emoji face that has pink cheeks and really wide eyes after reading this.

    So visceral!

    Your posts can’t come fast enough!


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