Guest banger: @StillDating

I am now divorced but years ago the night before my wedding I was alone just relaxing after having dinner with my brothers. My bride Lisa who had been living with me in sin had moved to her parents two weeks earlier. Actually to her dad and stepmom’s house. She had been estranged from her mom but had recently reconciled with her within the last six months. I had only met her mother, Marie, in the last month.
Marie had given birth to Lisa in her senior year at University and had divorced Lisa’s dad when Lisa was a teenager. Something about an affair Marie had had. The divorce had left Lisa upset and wanting nothing to do with her mother for years. 
Lisa resembled her mom and when I met Jane with Marie I immediately found her attractive. We met for dinner two weeks before the wedding just before Lisa moved out. I thought I picked up a feeling that Marie had a similar reaction by her glances and the touch of her hand. Her kiss goodbye on my cheek after the dinner seemed to linger.   Later that night Lisa teased me that I found her mom attractive. At the same time Lisa had reservations about her mom coming back into her life. She always felt overshadowed by her. I felt there was more to the story. But I did not push. 
After my brothers dropped me back at my apartment the buzzer rang and I thought my younger brother had forgotten something. It was not my brother but Marie.  She saw my surprise and stepped into my apartment before I could say hello. Marie asked if she could speak with me for a few minutes as she wanted to let me know how much she loved her daughter. She sat down on my couch asking me to join her. She brought a bottle of wine insisting we toast to her daughter. One glass lead to another and soon the bottle was gone. 
As I became tipsy the line between Marie and Lisa grew thinner. Marie was sitting right next to me and as I turned to remark on their similarities Marie’s lips were right in front of mine and without intending to we were kissing. I stopped but Marie leaned forward and this time not only were her lips tantalizing my own but her hands were opening my pants. 
What she found was my hardening cock. As she freed my desire I leaned forward my tongue entering her mouth. I knew this should stop. I said so but my desires clearly showed I had no intention of stopping. Marie stood up and unbuttoned her dress revealing a figure and body that my cock stood fully at attention for as I sat on the couch. 
Marie straddled my cock grinding her pussy on top of me.  Our kisses were intense as I lifted her ass pushing aside her thong as my cock entered her. My thrusts hard and deep as I suckled hungrily at her nipples. 
She moaned my name and confessed that the night we met she decided she must fuck me before I wed her daughter. Riding my hard cock she moaned loudly as I bit her breasts and slapped her ass. Where my lovemaking to her daughter was good something in this woman awakened a desire so guttural to take her and pound her body with every ounce of need I had. 
We fucked for hours on the couch then moving to my bed. A bed I had last shared with her daughter only two weeks ago and would next do so as husband and wife. This further inflamed my need to explode inside this woman as she begged me to use her body, to feel my cock deep inside her.  If my cock was not in her pussy she had me in her mouth exhibiting a prowess I had not known in my life. 
Finally as it became lighter outside she clawed her nails into my back begging me to cum into her. Her own orgasm building, her moans louder and louder.  My neighbors either must have thought Lisa returned for a last fuck as an engaged couple or that I had brought home a hooker from a last minute bachelor party. 
Marie’s orgasm had her screaming my name as I screamed hers into the pillow as I came harder than I ever have with any woman into her. Into a woman that in a few hours would be my mother in law.  
After collapsing on top of her, Marie kissed me deeply. She stood knowing she needed to gather her clothes strewn across the apartment. She again stated that she knew weeks ago she had to fuck me. But where she thought it would be a one time occurrence she now knew this would be something she did not want only once. 
As she kissed me again at my door, as we heard the morning birds outside the building, I knew I would be having an affair from the start of my marriage and that the other woman would be Marie, my mother in law. And I could not wait.