The other Business Analyst part 4

I’m beat. He doesn’t know I came in my pants earlier, about an hour before he got here. The ritual of dressing in stockings and suspenders never fails to get me off but I took myself by surprise. Just fingering my pussy lying on the bed, I created a muted orgasm that felt amazing. But the guilt and fear I wouldn’t be able to repeat it with him overtook the pleasure.


Still, he asks for a condom and I slide onto him again, a familiar feeling except this time we are both closer shaven and the sensation is tantalising. Slowly I ride him, he twists my nipples and I tell him to suck them, then bite. He bites so hard my right breast is flowered with a purple bruise and the left just a small mark. He pushes my legs this way and that on top of him trying to get a rhythm he likes. But today it isn’t working, he’s soft again.

“Show me the buttplug” he orders. I pull it out, slick it with lube and slide it into my ass. He turns me round to look and pushes on it, holding it in place. I climb back on and try to clench to keep it in. He holds it for a while but it pops out soon after. “Leave it” he says.

He pulls off the condom and I take him in my mouth, reaching for the lube and teasing his ass again. My finger eases in slowly and his head is thrown back, eyes closed in pleasure. I spit on his cock and work the shaft – asking him to show me how he likes it. I want him to touch my cunt but he’s miles away, too preoccupied with his own orgasm.


Again he fills my mouth, ass and cock twitching and legs shaking as he spurts down my throat. I’d told him to save it for me, he’s been good and obeyed me. There is hope for this boy yet….

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