The other Business Analyst – part three

So my head is between the pillows, my ears are between his thighs and his cock is in my mouth. His ass is in my eyeline and he is teasing my clit and pussy. A 69 is always a complicated set up: a test of concentration between giving and receiving pleasure but this one is a challenge: he’s saying something but I can’t hear a thing. And are his thighs clamping my head because he’s enjoying this so much or is he controlling me?

Either way I’m frustrated: previous to this I’ve opened my legs for him and he’s gone down on me. But not in the normal way: I’ve had to tell him to use his fingers and his head has rested up on my thigh more than once and I’m kind of paranoid I smell or he doesn’t like what he sees. Yes, I hate myself for thinking this but a girl gets worried about these things. I want more, I don’t want a little tongue on my clit I want his lips all over it, I want him properly tasting me, lapping my juices. Or maybe he is just a very experienced tease? Either way he seems to be looking at my pussy more than touching it.

He moves to the position described above. This time I notice he has shaved but I can see where he’s stopped. I move him around a bit before its comfortable and I have to hold his hips and grab his thighs to stop myself being smothered. From this angle I can slide up and down his cock right to the quick which he seems to enjoy – his balls touching my nose. And I enjoy making him moan, this mystery man who doesn’t make a sound when he comes. His ass is cute, I enjoy watching his little arsehole pucker up as I slide up and down.

After a while I have to push myself out from under him for air; he’s still fiddling with my clit and lips but my push sends his mouth further down there and I’m suddenly sort of grinding on his mouth from underneath. That is more like it. And then I realise I can lift him and put him back in my mouth he’s so light. And then he backs up and his fingers go inside me – one then two and he rubs them hard against my Gspot.  He’s saying something which sounds like “bubbles” but I have no clue because somehow he seems to have triggered the most fantastic orgasm and my legs go crazy and thrash about and I moan with his cock still in my mouth and I have to push him off me because it hurts now but it’s so damn good what did he even do then because I can’t even breathe am I squirting i don’t know it feels like nothing else