The other Business Analyst – part two

His cock is cut and half light brown, half dark brown like his skin. He’s shaven a bit but isn’t perfectly manscaped. His size is kind of smaller than my regulars but pleasant to have in the mouth and hand, enough to get a grip on. He gives me a lot of direction: he wants me to look at him while I do it, he wants it sloppy and he wants me to hold it in a certain way.

With guys like this it’s hard not to get offended, but I’m used to – and enjoy – being told what to do. His waist is tiny and he thrusts himself into my mouth, with his hands buried in my hair it’s easy to enjoy. He isn’t rough with me, just measured and methodical with his movements.


He asks for a condom and fiddles to get it on. I lower myself onto him and feel an instant wave of pleasure just from him entering me. He tells me to go gently, that he hasn’t had sex for a while and he doesn’t want to come straightaway.

“How long is a while?” I ask, intrigued. He never answers.

I don’t care when I come, and I’m not concentrating too hard on it because the feeling of bobbing up and down on his cock is enough. The feeling is divine. Sure, he wriggles a little and holds my ass but I’m pretty much lost it’s such a good fit.

“I want to see your buttplug” he says suddenly.

I’m not moving, and I explain I’m having too much of a good time to do that. He thrusts into me a little harder and grabs my tits. He suckles on them but it’s not hard enough for me, he’s too gentle. We switch and he fucks me from behind, holding my hips and my neck and driving into me at just the right angle for me to moan a lot. He squashes me on the bed and lays on top still thrusting and this is how I come.


He tells me this is the first time he has made someone come from penetration. I’m shocked and tell him so. He is still hard and we try again with me on top. Then he swings me around and is driving into me sideways. He sucks my breast nearest him and tells me to suck the other one. This is the hottest thing I’ve heard and seen in a while and as his beard brushes my nipple I come again, not as hard but enough to make him realise.


He wants me to suck him again and this time his legs are around my ears and my tongue decides to stray down towards his ass. He seems to enjoy me sucking and licking him there and I feel the veins in his cock throb and stiffen through my fingers. I switch to fingering his ass and swallow his cock again, my throat now sore, almost wondering what else I can pull out of the bag.

And then, his cock constricts in my throat, his ass tightens around my finger and I swallow down a gallon of his cum as he flails about with no sound at all, his cock and ass pulsing around my mouth and finger.