The other Business Analyst – part one 

Where do I start with this one? Reader I don’t know. Do I tell you about how he took my breath away when he walked into the bar? 

Do I explain how we ended up in bed despite me having no idea if he liked me or not? 

Should I mention the kissing technique? 

Okay, okay all of the above? From the beginning… 

It’s a Friday night. The week has been long and ardous and I’m on the way home. We’d loosely agreed to meet but he sounds like he’s not as keen. I go shopping and dawdle home, resigned to pajamas and a Netflix night. 

But I’ve got it wrong. He does want to meet but later. I don’t know what this means but he says he’s going to drive and he’ll come to me. 

It’s freezing and I have no idea what to wear. I settle for a harness bra with the straps showing and a simple figure hugging black dress. 

I get to the bar we are meeting in – hoardings all round it and it’s a refurb. Fuck. This area has no decent bars : I walk into two which have terrible live bands and one which smells of cheese. The forth is actually a restaurant with a bar at the front. They have wine so I buy a big glass and wait. 

He calls me – he can’t find it. I guide him in and suddenly he’s here, rearranging his hair, leather jacket and driving gloves. I’m speechless. He looks nothing like his photos – in a good way. He is smaller somehow, his nose isn’t as big, and his eyes are just beautiful. 

We talk about a lot : his interview, my job, Netflix (no this is not a sponsored post) holidays and food. 

He suggests we go for a drive, and says he can give me a lift home. 

His car has heated seats and a turbo boost feature which makes me feel a bit sick. But this is a novelty for me, being driven home, and one of those small pleasures I can delight in no matter what happens next. 

He pulls up in my road and asks if it’s safe to park. I ask him if he wants to come in for a drink. 

And then I’m lost. I don’t know where this is going to go – but then I stop myself and realise that’s the exciting part. 

I pour him an OJ and me one too except mine has a slosh of amaretto. *winks to camera*

We sit on the sofa and I try to work him out. We talk for a long time about other things, things which I’ve forgotten about apart from Jujitsu. And then he snakes an arm around my back and pulls my face to his and starts playing with my hair. He had been telling me about his hair..then winds strands of mine around his fingers and wow I say no-one has done this for a long time. 

And then he’s going for the boobs of course, trying to pull them out of the bra and the dress but the angles are awkward. His kisses envelop my lips in his mouth and he kind of does the fandango with them. 

We go upstairs and my room is so cold the only thing to do is get under the duvet. We both just have pants on. He guides my hand to his penis which is funny because I was about to do it anyway. I am keen to discover what he’s packing, my hands fumble and he guides them to his stalk. He’s hard as a rock, so I lower myself down underneath the covers. He pulls the duvet up to watch me. 

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