Mon Dieu 

It’s my day off, a beautiful sunny afternoon and he’s coming over. I only have half an hour to prepare. I select stockings and suspenders, a bra he hasn’t seen before. Modest heels and a jumper and skirt – it’s too cold for anything else. 

I see him coming down the road before he sees me. My knickers are wet.

He stands in the hallway and he grabs both my breasts, kisses me. I grab his crotch and he asks what I’m looking for, pulling out his cock for me to suck. I ignore it and guide his hand to my pussy which he grabs and holds. It nearly takes my breath away. He hold my throat and kisses me again, my hair clip cracks and breaks against the wall. 

I don’t want to do it here so I slowly walk up the stairs. 

But he is too quick for me. He stops me halfway and runs his hands over my ass, round my knickers. I moan, then his lips kiss my sex. I balance on the stairs, ass in his face. He slaps my asscheek and I continue up the stairs – although a fuck halfway up is tempting, it is too cold. 

I stand at the top of the stairs, lifting my skirt. He takes off his shoes and gazes up at me.

I walk seductively to the bedroom, him slowly following me. I sit on the bed and hold the door open. I pull off my jumper and sit legs apart. 


His fingers are freezing but delicious as they slip into my warm pussy. He works my clit softly with his tongue and hold my tits. 

It is delicious. He is feasting on me, eating me like I am a particularly delicious fruit. Every now and then he spits on my pussy and slaps it. 

I come really quickly : the combination of his finger, his tongue, together with the feeling of him between my thighs is too much. 


He takes off the rest of his clothes and we chat for a bit. “Why are they so big?” He says, grabbing at my tit, as he does his cock stiffens. I remember how much he likes having his nipples sucked so I oblige. And then move on to his cock. 

He likes me to deepthroat him. Although he is big i can manage it, and he fingers my pussy while I work. He hits my face with it. 

“You haven’t sat on my face in so long, can you?”

I’m surprised by his tone. He’s not been needy before but who am I to complain?


I come again riding his face – in a weird replay of the previous experience. Can I only now come from oral pleasure? It is not for me to worry about. Soon we are fucking anyway, in a whirl of sweat, panting, kissing, and passion. I slap his ass. He slaps mine. But this time he is gentler with me. There is no slapping of my face. 

We both hammer at each other, changing position, switching up the moves. He even ploughs me from behind – a position I hate, but he makes it enjoyable. By holding my hips, driving into me and groping my cunt he gives it a whole new perspective. I actually enjoy it. 

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