The Facilities Manager again 

She wakes up wet, the tops of her thighs sticky with her own juices. It’s a shame to shower it away but he will be here soon and she wants to be ready. She decides on no bra – she wants to feel his cold hands on her breasts straightaway. She’s slept in a black silk nightshirt and slips on some frilly knickers to match. She touches herself, checks her fragrance and ties up her hair. Then takes it down. 

She opens the door to him, it’s freezing and she quickly closes it again. He rubs his hands together and tries to warm them, apologising that he would touch her but…

She guides him upstairs and climbs back into the still warm bed. He’s wearing a posh shirt, he asks for a hanger to keep it neat for work. He lies down beside her.

She kisses him, hungry for his touch. His hands cup her breasts, yes they are cold but it’s delicious. 


He takes off his clothes and socks. She hugs his back and feels around his stomach for his bulge. He’s told her he hasn’t come for 5 days and he’s been semi hard on the journey. He’s rock hard now and she smiles behind him. 

Suddenly he gets up, pushes her legs back and feels her crotch, settling himself to kneel in front of her. 

She groans, this is what she has been craving. He rubs her knickers, his fingers touching skin. And then the slap comes. 


He starts to lick her clit, softly at first then building up, adding his fingers to the mix. She looks down – her knickers are still stretched around her thighs and his face is pushed against them making it look like he has a black blindfold on. It’s funny and she keeps looking because she couldn’t imagine him ever agreeing to wear one.


He makes her come with his mouth and his tongue licks up her explosion. He’s holding her hand the whole time which is new. She goes down on him but he stops her, saying he will comes straightaway. “69” he says and they move position so she is straddling his face and swallowing his dick at the same time. 

This, this feels like home for her. The familiar feeling of someone who knows what they are doing. She could sit like this for an eternity. And then suddenly she is coming again, even harder than the first time. She thinks about the guy who just broke her heart, and affirms this is the best way to get over someone. She climbs off him and he continues to play with her clit. 

“Stop, it’s too much” she tells him.


Later, she is sat on top of him. There is no condom between them. He pushes his cock into her and quickly pulls out. “That feels so so good” he says, and bites his lip. It does. She loves his cock better than any she’s had. 

He does it again. She doesn’t stop him. 

The condom goes on. She is red raw and lubes up, her clit is on fire. She eases herself down his member, his eyes roll back in his head and he bites her shoulder, her breast, her neck. He tells her he will come soon. But after a few moves she is too sore. He pumps his own cock and she watches. He asks why and she finds herself saying its hot.

She tells him she wants to swallow him, like they’d talked about. He agrees and she tries to lick his balls. He stops her, saying it tickles. He takes off the condom and she teases the tip with her tongue. Slowly she moves her lips around his shaft and he shudders. “I’m gonna come really soon” he says. 

He unloads into her mouth, she tastes his cum and manages to swallow. He keeps saying sorry, his face is flushed. 


Under the covers he snakes his hand to her moistness. And they start again. 

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