Je ne sens rien: fin

I dash upstairs, hardly believing what is happening. I grab another condom and run back down. He can’t decide how he wants me, but this time we are on the sofa. We don’t go back upstairs. First I’m sat swallowing down his cock again, him standing over me like a true Dom. After a while my eyes are  watering and I’m gulping for air afterwards, falling back on the cushions each time. 

I pull down my tights and knickers and beg him to fuck me again. “Keep your shoes on” he says and I am constricted in movement by my tights, trapped in his hands and by my nylons. He carefully bends me over the arm of the sofa and thrusts into me slowly then build up speed gradually and god it is delicious. I could stay here all night. I hug the sofa arm as he pounds me until my legs can’t stay standing up. He pulls out, and slaps my ass three times. There is blood on the condom and he gets nervous, it is just the start of my period. He slaps my pussy again. I can’t explain how much I love this when he does it. 

He stands over me, still furiously rubbing his cock and I take out my breasts. “Come on my face” I tease, not really wanting him to. He pulls and adjusts his balls, but keeps his trousers on. He groans and rubs his shaft, sometimes pausing to slap my tits and somehow after all our exertions his come slowly leaks onto my tits. I rub it all over them making them slick and shiny and my nipples hard.

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