The Compliance Analyst #1

It’s our second date. We meet late, after a concert and I realise I really fancy him. We have a great night and flirt outrageously. He ends up asking to come back to mine- some excuse about needing to charge his phone as its dead. I say yes. And I decide I’m not going to fuck him because I’m on my period. And because he needs to earn it.

I fix us some drinks, I’m nervous. He pulls me closer and we kiss. His kissing isn’t amazing, a little like a bird pecking at a worm, but I think like him. 

I say to him how kissing is underrated and he looks at me and agrees. Soon I’m straddling him and his hands are in my bra and I’m torn between wanting to stop him and wanting to fuck his brains out. 

“I can’t really do anything tonight” I admit sheepishly. 

“I understand” he says and continues to kiss me, cupping my breasts in his hands. 

‘Do you want to stay then?’ I ask. 

We go up the stairs quicker than anything. His hand snakes over my pants and starts to rub. It’s infuriating I can’t do anything so I start to unpack his goods to take my mind off it. 

He is big, deliciously big and not very hairy. I sit on the bed and lick the end of his cock, getting the measure of it. 

He lies down and immediately starts giving instructions, something at the time I find incredibly hot. 

I take his length in my mouth and he tells me to look at him. 

Oh reader. 

His face. 
It’s hard to describe – a cross between a grimace and ecstasy but it’s kind of funny. I ain’t never seen a boy do that. Okay, he actually gurned. Like a proper comedy face. His hand goes to the side of his cock and presses down – it seems like he’s in pain or pleasure or both. 
He comes straight down my throat and that’s it. He tells me how amazing I am at it. We kiss for a bit and fall asleep.

I wake with a banging headache at 7.30am, disappear downstairs and find paracetamol, slug it down with water and bring some back for him. 

We start to kiss again, and fumble a bit. He spoons me, the first time in a while and I delight in that small pleasure. 

His hand snakes again to my pants, which are still on. The flat of his palm is against my warm pussy and I am so frustrated I could cry. 

I don’t say anything but pull off my knickers and take out a condom. 

I hand it to him and he wordlessly fits it onto his giant cock. 

I mount him, and he slides straight in. It’s a perfect fit. 

And then the comedy grimaces start. 

I try not to look but it’s hard, and quite off putting. 

But his cock feels so good inside – and he is enjoying me riding him, as he keeps telling me. 
He asks to fuck me from behind and I decline because I’m so close. I come easily and he tells me to scream. He comes soon after and I wonder if I like him really. His face looks like the Eduard Munch painting when he comes, his jaw going crazy, his eyes opening and closing like a doll. 
Oh dear. 

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  1. Such a shame about the odd faces, as it sounds like you really enjoyed what he had to offer šŸ˜‹šŸ˜‰


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