je ne sens rien : deuxième partie

He takes some lube from the drawer and smears it all over his cock and hands, probing behind me to feel my ass and slide a finger there. He discovers I’ve been wearing a buttplug the entire time and laughs. “A pinkie” he says and spanks me hard with his hand until I tell him to stop.


I’m sliding my hands up and down his cock. I’m teasing him, I’m the one holding all the cards at the moment. I lick the tip and then stop, looking back at him for approval. He holds his balls and says something. I slap them. “No, no, I said lick them”.

“I heard you”. I tease him again and let my tongue trace over his smooth balls, down to his ass. He cries out in pleasure but steers my head back to his cock. I swallow it and go down, deeper than I have been before, my throat making a cracking sound with the extra girth. Then I quickly come back up for air. I manage that three times before something happens. My gag reflex goes and my hand goes up to my mouth, ashamed.

He holds my hand and says “It’s all part of the game, don’t worry”.

I flush red and clean up in the bathroom. I had heard about that but never experienced it.


I’m on top of him, there is no condom and his cockhead is sliding around near my pussy. The temptation to fuck him without one is so great, but I reach for another and give it to him. I am obsessed with his stomach muscles which ripple as he moves. His arms. HIS ARMS! I know what is coming, he knows what is coming. He tells me we don’t have to but I want to try with him. We keep eye contact, he lubes himself up and slowly eases himself into me. “Oh so tight” is all he can say as I look into his eyes and shift slowly. It is the weirdest feeling, but so damn hot. All I can think of is “more lube”and Girl on the Net ‘s advice. I know, I’m weird.

“You want all my holes don’t you?” I ask and he nods.

“Relax” he says and I do the opposite. But soon we are there and he’s pumping into me slowly because I tell him to slow down. “Imagine another guy’s dick in your pussy right now” he says. UNF.

Finally he fills the condom and sweat seeps from his brow as his orgasm reaches a crescendo. “Happy New Year” I say.


We both dress and exchange pleasantries in the hallway. He kisses me and grabs my cunt again and pinches my tit here we are again finishing the way we started and he’s hard again somehow, pulling his cock and balls out in a neat little package for me to swallow again.

“Get a condom” he growls. And I obey.