je ne sens rien

I open the door. He steps in, kisses me, grabs my arse and holds it. As agreed, I sink to a crouching position and start to undo his trousers. It’s difficult as his crotch is bulging and I have to work the fabric into submission. He helps me pull out his cock and I take it in my mouth. He’s very quickly hard and pushes my head back. I hit the wall. He groans and I hold his legs. As he moves a picture falls off the wall. He pulls out a breast from my dress, my bra and pinches it hard, making noises of approval, of pleasure.

We go upstairs. As I climb the stairs he slaps my bum, hard. In the bedroom he pulls off my tights and takes his trousers and shirt off. I sit on the bed, wiggling with excitement. He forces his cock into my mouth. I tie my hair back this time. He slaps my pussy, working a finger inside to try and make me squirt. He spits and rubs and makes me cry out in utter pleasure as I try to concentrate on swallowing his beautiful cock. It’s almost impossible.


I beg him to fuck me. He slaps my neck and suckles on my tits, almost swallowing one whole. He urges me to suck his which drives him wild. we climb up each other and kiss. He slaps my cheek. “Putain” I say.


He asks for a condom and pushes into me slowly. The angles aren’t right but he ploughs into me and I lift my ass into him, grabbing his arse to get a better purchase. Sweat is dripping off him onto my face and I grab his shoulders. We shift positions a few times and then he looks down at my pussy and spits on my clit, rubbing it. “Is this how you masturbate?” he asks.

“No” I say

“Like this?” he asks, rubbing my pussy lips as he fucks me.

“No” I giggle

“How then?” he asks

“Vibrator” I bite my lip

“Filthy girl” he teases.


We are both tired and covered in sweat. He is still inside me, neither of us have come just yet. But we both shift and suddenly, deliciously I am there and it builds and the stars are there and I feel everything and I realise I feel nothing for this guy except utter admiration at his techniques and stamina. Soon after that he fills me, grunting and groaning and rolls off, the bedcovers soaked in his sweat. He is human after all.