Happy New Year

He’s on the same bus as me. But he doesn’t know it yet. I’m so excited I could burst, and I don’t want the mundanity of the bus journey to spoil it. I’m sitting at the front and he’s confirmed he’s standing at the back. As we get to my stop he notices me and is surprised. Stupid, I know. We get off together.

I open my front door and step over the post. He scoops it all up and hands it to me. I take my coat off and put a light on. “Can I have some water?” he asks as he takes off his shoes.

I go into the kitchen and get a glass, start to fill it from the tap. Suddenly his hand snakes under my dress and grabs my cunt from underneath and holds it for maybe 20 seconds. However long, it takes my breath away and I turn to start kissing him.


Upstairs, he does the same, pulling me towards him as we kiss. I climb on top of him as he strokes my hair, pulling it back into a ponytail. And then he pulls my hair. “Let’s get these off” he says, meaning my tights. I take everything off. He bites my ass cheeks, one at a time. His hand probes my pussy. “Lie down” he tells me.

I obey of course. He settles down and starts to nibble my pussy lips, teasing them apart with his fingers, changing speed and technique regularly. I can’t relax, my brain is throwing all kinds of things into my head which are irrelevant. Suddenly I’m worrying that I’m not wet enough. And then, his hand slaps the entire area and I shudder.


We 69, and I try and swallow his monster cock whilst sitting on his face: no mean feat. His lips and fingers are alternating between my ass and pussy and I’m so close to coming it’s frustrating. I deep throat him and his thighs clamp around my ears, he moans at me to stop and giggles. He bites the skin right at the top of my thigh. I squeak and jump off. His lips won’t move from my cunt, and I orgasm kneeling on the bed with his head sideways, me thrusting into his face.