The Property Developer Again.

 I really didn’t want to fuck him. But he was here now and there was nothing I could do. Everything about him repulsed me. Why?

I had become choosy with my partners, once I had tasted the most sublime sex I had ever encountered, why should I settle for less? 

Despite his ridiculously young age he had the air of a businessman just wanting to get it over with. And I the willing hooker. Yes, I admit to fuck someone half my age is an ego boost. But still, I felt uncomfortable this time. 

I sat astride him, having obediently serviced his cock. I couldn’t go down on him for long – his foreskin had to be over his cockhead or he protested. 

I rode him, praying for this to be over quickly. He just lay there with a strange expression. “You could do something with these” I gestured to my tits. 

Begrudgingly he took one in his mouth and suckled, then bit. 

I craved cunnilingus, for someone to lap between my thighs to warm me up for the main event. Even to touch me there.

We changed position, him thrusting wildly and intently into me. I wanted slow and passionate. 

“Come for me baby” he urged. 

Reader: As soon as these words are uttered, I lose the plot. They are like a verbal block, something to stop me doing what I am urged to. I feel pressure – I want to come when I like, not when I am told to. 

He shoves my legs into a different position, his cheeks are red with effort. I am strangely turned on by the weight of him on top of me, his belly hair brushing against me. It reminds me of my ex-husband. Ugh. This is not an image I want. 

We change again and he tickles my pussy with his fingers “God you’re soaking wet” he exclaims and then takes his hand away. Torture. 

I climb onto him and he jokes about wanting to fuck my ass, brushing the tip of my anus with his dick. 

I stubbornly move so he slides straight into my pussy and his eyes close in delight. 

This time it’s easier, I get into a rhythm. He tells me to do the crab – crouch over him and do all the work. I slide up and down his thick cock so he can see. He loves that. 

Again his face doesn’t tell me anything and I decide then and there this will be the last time. 

New Year and all.


I come finally, probably thinking of someone else. He doesn’t realise, my throbbing pulsing pussy flinches and he doesn’t feel it. 

“Are you okay?”He asks as I close my eyes in bliss. 

“Oh yes, I just came”

“Now it’s my turn, I’m gonna come all over your face” he threatens and pulls out, furiously pumping his cock with his fist, condom still on. He sits over me.

I watch as it fills and he grunts. 

“Merry Christmas” I say, grinning.