The Facilities Manager Part Five

I go first, flicking my hair as I climb, breathing heavily with excitement. I can hardly believe he’s here, let alone about to fuck me. He stops halfway up the stairs muttering about emptying his pockets. I stand and wait for him in the bedroom. I hear a cascade of change and phone and keys hit the table.

And here he is.

His hands are all over me, but he takes his time. His hair is heavily waxed as usual, his beard trimmed to perfection. I start to unbutton his shirt as he kisses me, neck, cheek, lips. His trousers bulge and I feel him prod against my stomach. I take off my dress as he comments on how much it suits me. “Look at you” he says in that soft Turkish accent which makes me weak.

I unfasten his belt and his cock is stretching his underwear into a triangle tent. He has fancy pants on with a name around the waistband. I try to pull out his cock but he tells me to stop rushing and sits down on the bed. I go towards him but he spins me around until I am facing away from him. Oh my god. The mastery of that move.

I remember we joked about me stripping for him. I wiggle a bit and his hands hold me still. He kisses me around my knickers, I hunker down and dance in his lap, brushing his cock through his trousers. I am reminded of a scene in the film “The Lobster” but he won’t have seen it. I smile.

He laughs anyway and pulls me on top of him, undoes my bra with one hand. This is it.


He keeps licking me from back to front, legs in the air. I come riding his face, his beard deliciously ticklish against my pussy lips, his tongue not leaving the area even when I shudder to climax and move onto my back.

His fingers and tongue play with me, putty in his hands, craving all of his body.

His thumb presses my asshole, a delicious feeling of control and abandon. We almost fuck without a condom, he rubs his cock slowly around the entrance to my cunt behind me- a move which drives me wild. I push back onto his unsheathed cock and he says no. I realise that I would do anything for this guy should he ask.

He saddles up and we fuck for ages. He wants me to come at the same time as him. ” What are you doing to me?” he asks. I could ask the same of him.

I rest up and start to suck on his cock. He gets nervous and his legs shake when I deepthroat him, he can’t quite cope with that just yet.

We move to the edge of the bed, kissing again. He tells me to sit up but I don’t want to get off his cock. He tells me again. I don’t obey him and I tell him why. I am obsessed with his cock.

He bites a nipple, I bite his ear.