The DJ

I had decided a new strategy at this point in my life – date men that I wasn’t physically attracted to. The last date was an American who had lied about his job and age. Still I ploughed on. 

This one was around the same age as me and seemed interesting, given his employment: I always had a thing for DJ’s. 

We met on a Saturday at noon, a beautiful spring day unusually warm and sunny for the time of year. 

He was sitting outside the coffee shop with sunglasses and a cagoule. My heart sank straightaway. His hair was straggly and dirty, I could smell as we embraced – which lasted too long for my liking. 

We made small talk and found a table at the restaurant next door. It was brunch time and I ordered accordingly. For some reason he decided on a sticky toffee pudding, eating it seductively. 

My plan was to exit as soon as it was polite to do so: I had a back up plan anyway and story to support. 

I tried to like him. I really did. But he never took his sunglasses off. 
We finished the food and he suggested we go for a walk. I led him to a historic house nearby which I’d visited before – a series of herb gardens and greenhouses open to the public and pretty busy given the gorgeous weather. We sat down on a bench and watched people go by. 

It was then he started to grope me. His hand went up my skirt quick as a flash. 

Of course I stopped him, we were in broad daylight and there were people around. 

He would not leave me alone though, suggesting we fuck in the bushes. “Do you have a condom” he asked. 

Reader, I did not. 

The compliments came quick and fast, my dress, my legs. He even groped at my tits. I felt my knickers twitch with my cunt. 

This awful man was getting me wet. 

I let him kiss me, but his beard also smelt and he couldn’t kiss properly. His tongue tried to probe my mouth so I pulled away. 

I explained I had to get back to meet a friend, we got up and traced our steps back through the lavender. 

Here he grabbed my ass, just as people were passing us so I couldn’t say anything. I was split between feeling disgusting and incredibly turned on. 
I said goodbye to him and dashed home to fuck my regular boy. So in a weird sort of way he acted as foreplay.