The Banking Analyst, again. 

I had decided he was the perfect fuck buddy. We had to arrange a definitive date because he had a kid. No funny business, and I wasn’t in love with him. Except he asks to stay the night this time. 

I’m wearing a basque and not much else. He arrives at the door and is immediately all over me. He tastes of cooking and some kind of alcohol. He pins me against the wall, his coat and backpack still on. He pulls up the basque to see the suspenders and groans, his fingers tracing the lace around my knickers. His backpack falls off. 
He follows me upstairs and I take off my top. He grunts and curses in French, kissing me hard, squeezing my ass and taking off his coat. I sit on the bed and his fingers pull aside my knickers. “Are you wet enough?” He asks as his fingers probe at my clit and then his lips. I lie back and stretch my legs around his shoulders. His hands reach for my tits, they spill out of the top of the basque. I had forgotten how smooth and soft his skin is, how taut his arms are and how easily they manoeuvre me. 
We change positions and he thrusts his cock into my mouth while fingering my pussy, slapping his palm as he does. The scenario is so damn hot – I’m riding his fingers while sucking on his dick, his other hand squeezing and flicking my nipple. I’m watching it like I’m in a porn film goddammit. Before I know it, I’ve come all over his hand. I couldn’t help it, it felt so good. 
And instantly I’m bored. I’m sated, and I’ve lost interest in this man who exclaims in oohs and aahs. He smells of onions and oh fuck he’s staying tonight. 
I snap out of it and slide onto his cock. We start grinding but something is wrong. My knickers are still on. I take them off and climb back on. Much better. He licks and squeezes my nipples, tells me to sit on his face. I refuse of course. I cannot let his cock out of me. 
We ride until both of us need a break. He’s covered in sweat and I am pretty hot too. We lie side by side and take a breather. And then I watch his hand lazily stroke his cock, removing the condom. I’m always fascinated to watch a guy wank. But then too keen to swallow it and help him out. 
I deep throat him, tears rolling down my cheeks. “J’adore. J’ADORE” he shouts and thrusts into my mouth, his hand gripping the base of his cock. I’m at the right angle to taste nothing, his cum goes straight down my throat. He apologises for coming so quickly. 

He comes four times to my once : the second time from me giving him a fierce hand job assisted by lube; his cum rolling across my wrist in rivulets. The final time we’ve been fucking for so long he needs a rest; within seconds he is spurting like a fountain into the air. 
He’s been on a family holiday for a week with very little time to himself : I guess I have coaxed it out of him. In his words : ” you drained me. ”
I switch off lights, get us a glass of water each. I settle into my side of the bed, facing away from him, knowing we won’t be falling asleep in each others arms. I’ve been here before. 
But although the lights are off, his hands wander and soon he is pushing against me with that beautiful erection of his. What’s a girl to do? 

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