The Facilities Manager part three

He is snuggled into me on the sofa, nibbling my neck, hands on my knees rather like the first time we met. Except the sofa is in my house and this is a Sunday morning, a little earlier than arranged. 

He was early: he arrived looking more beautiful than ever. My lover, the one i have been lusting after. His hands case the joint that are my shorts – he can fit his hand inside and caress those places covered by tights and pants. I moan a little. He kisses me and tells me to sit on his knee. We are in full view of anyone who may be walking past. I straddle him and he pulls at my shirt, his fingers struggle to undo the buttons as they are so small. He pulls out a nipple from my bra. He tastes of strawberry bubble gum, his hair is thick with pomade, a tiny sprinkling of grays at his temples. His hands cup my ass, he tries to undo my shorts. As I get up I notice a spot of wet on his jeans, from me. We go upstairs. 

He helps me take off my shoes, giving up with the laces and pulling them off still tied. We fumble together, pulling off clothes, unzipping and removing layers. I just have my knickers on. He moves down my body, planting kisses on my stomach and licks the place where my pussy is from top to bottom outside my knickers. Tease. 

His mouth is on my clit before I have time to protest. He has some technique going, gently lapping then varying speed and direction. It is sublime. We move into a 69 position and I get a good look at his cock again. I cannot concentrate on sucking him with his tongue inside me, it is too much. If I swallow him deep he groans and tells me to stop. Yet the feeling of power is addictive; his beautiful dick down my throat. 

We spend the afternoon in pursuit of pleasure ; we cannot help but turn each other on. No sooner have I come from his tongue and we lie side by side panting ; he is fingering me again and I am wet once more. Once he has come he is ready again within minutes. 

He tells me he hasn’t slept with anyone since the last time we did. I say nothing but inside my heart is singing. Each time he tells me to change position from sitting astride him I refuse, it simply feels too good. 

We play so much eventually I’m sore. Lube is administered and his finger probes my ass. I tell him to spank me harder and he does, but shy of how hard I like it. He hooks his finger into my jaw and pulls me down to kiss him; an unusual move that turns me on so much I am surprised. 

“You like it rough then?” He grins. “A little” I respond and smile  to myself.