Guest Banger: @CharlieInThe

This week we have a fabulous, or perhaps not so fabulous guest post from the lovely @CharlieInThe who blogs over at

Sometimes it’s a bang, sometimes it’s a whimper. Unfortunately it’s the latter but we’ll let Charlie explain: 

A Teenage Whimper 
We met on POF and had been talking for a few days. He seemed like a sweet guy and we had good banter (oh I do hate that word but I can’t think of a more suitable one to use). My housemate was away for the night and when he suggested coming round mine I was nervous as usual but as I’ve been so horny lately and need to do more spontaneous things that challenge my anxiety I said yes to him coming over. He arrived at about 1am, stepping in from the cold he kissed me immediately. He was a good kisser, breaking apart I look at him properly. He looked a little different from his pictures, a little less attractive but then who doesn’t look less attractive from their pictures on an online dating website?
We take a seat on the sofa and chat for a bit. Then we are kissing again, his hands under my top caressing my breasts. He pulls my top over my head and attempts to undo my bra with fumbling hands, he doesn’t succeed and goes back to fondling my breasts. I peel his jacket off his shoulders and he has another failed attempt at taking off my bra. I decided to give him a hand and remove it myself, his mouth goes straight to a nipple, I straddle him on the sofa giving him easier access to both my breasts, I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter. As he starts to struggle with the belt on my jeans I suggest we move upstairs to the bedroom and that’s when things went down hill.
As soon as we are in the bedroom my jeans and knickers are removed. I lay down on the bed with him next to me. We are kissing and his hand moves down to my pussy, does he start with slowing teasing my clit and gently slipping a finger inside me? No, he goes straight in with two fingers and fucks me with them very fast and hard, it’s close to painful and not particularly enjoyable, his other hand is squeezing my breasts, pulling hard at my nipples. I tell him to slow his hand down, he smiles at me, removes his fingers from my pussy moving them to my clit and continued with as ferocious speed. This other hand is now on the base of my neck pressing down very hard. I like it rough but I am not into strangling and it hurts so I grab his hand and move it down to my breast where he squeezes like it was a stress ball. Again I ask him to slow down his assault on my clit, I like to be rubbed hard but I need variations in speed to get me even close to an orgasm, I even grab his arm to try and slow him down but it didn’t, then he would slap my pussy, hard. He didn’t ask me if I liked that he just did it.
I always thought men find it sexy to be with a women who knows exactly how she wants to be touched and who isn’t afraid to voice it. You know what isn’t sexy? A man not listening to what the women says and showing no desire to get her off exactly how she needs. Anyway on with the story.
Getting bored I decide to move things forward, I sit up and push him down on the bed straddling him once again. His jeans are still on so I kiss my way down his chest and start unbuttoning his fly pulling his jeans off. Next it’s time to remove his boxers, slowly pulling them down I get a shock and it isn’t a good one. He has a very small penis. 
Now I think to myself don’t be disappointed, size isn’t everything. I do love the aesthetics of a big penis but as I’m pretty tight they can sometimes be overwhelming so I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
I take his cock in my mouth, sucking and licking him, one hand around the base. I can take nearly all of it in my mouth. His hands move to my head, forcing me further down on his cock almost making me gag. 
I like hands on my head guiding me while giving head, I do not like being forced to choke on a guys cock! 
Again getting a little bored I think it’s time for us to actually fuck, I move up his body, kissing my way up to his lips. While kissing he slaps my arse, again and again. I ask if he has a condom, he says no as he tries to push his cock inside me. I jump off the bed, grab a condom from a box in my wardrobe, unwrap it and roll it down his cock. As I do this he tells me how he hates condoms, they don’t agree with his cock, making him lose his hardness. 
Just what a girl wants to hear!
We move into missionary position and his fingers are in my pussy again being just as rough as before. What happens next baffles me, he starts to thrust against me, his penis slipping inside me for about 10 seconds, as it slips back out he doesn’t try to replace it he just keeps thrusting harder, now I don’t know if he thought his penis was inside me or what. I try to guide his cock back inside me but he’s thrusting so fast I have no joy. He seemed to be enjoying it, I however was not. I especially didn’t enjoy it when his penis, accidentally I think, entered my arsehole. It hurt like nothing I have ever felt before and that was when I knew I was done. I grabbed his penis and wanked him to orgasm, with him cumming on my stomach. We chat for a bit and then he leaves. I think this is the only I’ve had sex with a guy and haven’t wanted to hear from him the next day.
I called this post a teenage fuck because that is exactly what it reminded me of. Having sex with what I hope is just an inexperienced man who thinks he knows what a girl needs but isn’t willing to listen and adapt his “moves” to make sure she enjoys it as much as he does. 
This sex was a whimper and definitely not the sort of sex a 28 year old women should be having.