The Policy Advisor part deux 

The evening does not end there reader. It is only fair that I now pay attention to him.

And what a beautiful cock! In the flesh it is long and hard and as it was on the pictures he begrudgingly sent; a thin line of hair running from it up to his chest then an explosion of hair which is glorious. And as I gaze up at him with it in my mouth his arms rest behind his head as he lies back and enjoys my sucking. 

I spend a lot of time gauging its size with my mouth, working out what he likes. I also tease his ass with my finger, something which sends a tremor down his cock and makes it stiffen. Thrilling for both of us. I find my comfort zones and sometimes he holds my head gently and thrusts himself into my mouth in a non-threatening way which gets me super hot. 

He murmurs praise. He is enjoying it, and i have no desire to stop or feel his come in my mouth, not yet. I enjoy widening my mouth and slowly taking the length as far as I can until my nose is buried in his stomach. 

I pull up to take a breath and tell him to fuck me. 


It is as if his cock has been designed to fit my cunt perfectly. Each time we move together it is a delicious prolonged arc of pleasure. There is no urgency to the endeavours: we are suspended in time both incredulous at our bodies synchronicity. His cock is not huge, I do not feel full. But there is something about its size or angle that sends both of us into transports of delight. 

His hands explore my breasts, my ass – his tongue flicks around my nipples. He knows what to do somehow….. As if he has read the script already. I can’t stop grinning. 

Eventually we come together. On a first date. Not bad eh?