The Policy Advisor 

We’re in the dining room, he’s about to kiss me. His hands go tentatively around my back. I’m only too happy to be kissed here, it’s not usually where anything happens. I mean, I barely do any dining in there either. The kissing is slow and cautious and I think of all the kisses I’ve ever had and decide pretty quickly that this kissing right here right now is the best. He starts pawing at my breasts through my clothes. My pants are already soaked through for several reasons. I’m turned on by the fact a guy wants to meet me on a Saturday evening;  for once I’m feeling sexy; and lastly I know already we are going to have sex. 

There is always uncertainty in my mind: does he like me, do I look okay, am I what he expected. I’m aware he can pull out at any stage – either of us can. 

But the guy kissing me is a nice guy. A nice clean smelling guy who has a good job and ambition in spades and a crisp white shirt and good hair. He also has a hairy chest which I notice straight away as soon as I sit down, thanks to his top buttons undone. It is a signal which says ” I am man” and it’s funny because he looks like a boy. 


We are upstairs now, and we both take our shoes off, and I make a joke about it. We both excuse ourselves to go to the loo during a prolonged undressing session : the highlights of which are that he can’t undo my skirt or my bra. He teases me like a master: his fingers toy with the waistband of my knickers and trace around the general groin area but maddeningly nowhere near my throbbing cunt. I grind against him and the bulk in his pants stiffens. We kiss for a long time, him exploring my breasts gently. He tells me to lie back and then slowly he kisses from them right down to my inner thighs. 

Somehow this is a surprise and my brain registers into “oh god he’s going down on me”. And I am a lucky, lucky girl. 

His tongue dances on my clit, around my lips and I buck and writhe because this is hella good. Sometimes he stops and changes position and I try not to think about what is happening and worry about coming. 

And then I think about someone else. I imagine someone else is doing this, which is deliciously naughty.  And his finger toys with my ass, and I thrust into his mouth and moan and he stops and that is when I cum, without him even touching me.