Knee High Boots and Suspenders? 

He’s asked her to dress up: a last minute request which she is only too happy to obey. It makes her feel powerful; in control. 

She selects a black satin number that has previously been too tight, now it seems to fit like a glove; as if it were waiting in the drawer for this moment. The straps go over her bra and fasten at the back, the fabric skims her torso and  the bottom skims her own bottom; framing the suspenders and stockings perfectly. She looks in the mirror and is almost shocked at how good she looks. The boots are a different matter: 4 inch heels, purple velvet, impossible to walk in, she tells herself she only need make it upstairs after him. 

He arrives and kisses her, fumbling for her cunt. She pushes him away, and with the riding crop tells him to get upstairs.  Once in her bedroom he immediately asks to use the bathroom, firstly giving her cunt a grope again and kissing her hungrily. 

With him, there is something there. Despite the ridiculous age difference, his body feels somehow like it is meant to be with hers. Is it the hair? Is it the physique? There is no time to decide. They get into familiar positions, the ones that work. The ones that feels so good. 

But this time there is a surprise. His words may be rudimentary, crude even. But he asks to lick her pussy and she is shocked, then flattered. Briefly his tongue flicks in and out of her wet lips and she is delighted. She looks down at his body and admires his tight ass, the hairy shoulders. 


She comes quickly after sliding his stiff cock deep inside her. He doesn’t realise and they continue rocking, his face straining with effort, pink cheeked and eyes screwed in concentration. 

They try several different positions but she ends up flat on her stomach deep throttling him. He starts counting… 1….2…..3…. Up until 10 when she sits up, eyes streaming. 

“Why are you counting?” 

“Seeing how long you can go” he replies. 

“What’s the record?” 

“15” he boasts. 

She has always been competitive, ever since school. But this is a challenge she can’t miss. 

He adjusts his for skin so it is covering the tip of his cock and she goes down on him. The longer she swallows the easier it becomes, her nose and forehead are now touching his stomach; her eyes streaming, her throat gagging. 

“22…..23…..24….25….. ”

She gasps for air, he furiously wanks his cock and she drools spittle out of the mouth on the tip. 

“Ralph, Ralph, Ralph” he shouts as his hot white fume shoots out of the end and she catches most of it, the rest landing on his hand and in his belly button. She swallows and sits up. 

“Who the fuck is Ralph?” She asks. 

” I was saying mouth!” He laughs.