The Policy Advisor part three

We meet again within 5 days; I joke that this is the quickest return fuck I’ve ever had. It is as if we have both discovered some new drug or a magical elixir that we cannot leave alone. He is as flattered as I am. 

We meet at the station – he’s had a day off, I’ve just come from dinner with work colleagues. We get a cab and we are quiet together – it’s a little awkward. 

I don’t know whether to tell him I am on my period, but I’ve taken tablets to stop it. Oh Noresthisterone, friend to sexually active women everywhere. I decide I won’t but if he goes down on me I will discourage him. 

Back at mine we almost follow the same pattern of activity as last time. I go upstairs to tidy my room and call him up. He kisses me, asking me if I’ve missed him. Clothes are removed slowly and his hands brush my pussy, his pants come off. And then we vary it a little. I lie with my head hanging off the bed and he thrusts his cock down my throat, but the angles aren’t quite right and suddenly I am stuck, unable to move and get my head up. I manage to moan for help and he shifts so I’m face to face with his ass. There is nothing to do but tongue it. 

Each time I lick him, the root of his cock twitches and he moans. He asks me what I want and I tell him I want his cock. 


We fit together again, both delighting in the sensations between us. I am on top, he grabs and sucks my breasts and slaps my butt. He drills into me from beneath when I tire and my knees give up. We shift weight and move legs, arms and slow down or speed up in a sexy relay race that neither of us wants to finish. Covered in sweat we tease and goad each other into giving in. It isn’t long before we are both coming together, again. My orgasm lasts longer than seconds; it is unlike any I’ve had before 

He’d always said that he usually struggled to manage a repeat performance. But with me, that goes out of the window. This time whilst gorging on his cock, I explore his ass with my fingers and tongue. He’s talked about wanting to be pegged – but the second time of meeting is too soon. 

Whilst wanking his cock, my left index finger probes his arse, slowly and carefully. His face is calm, adoring even. The bond of trust between us is palpable, the action is intimate and incredibly hot. I realise I have never done this before and I’m glad it is with him. My finger goes all the way to my knuckle and he squirms with delight. 

Soon he is back on top of me, my legs wrap around his tight butt and he strives to pleasure me. His face is covered in sweat, dripping down his chin and he keeps pushing it away, embarrassed. I tell him to fuck me harder and he says that will make him come. I do it anyway and he is taken by surprise – his orgasm overtakes him and I feel his thick cock pumping his come inside me. 

We both lie back and look at the clock. We’ve been at it for two and a half hours. 


The day after I empty my bedroom bin. The second condom contains more than a spoonful of come and is covered in blood. But he never commented. Bloody hell. 

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