The Property Developer Part Three

It’s morning now and she’s awake. She’s wondering whether to make the dash for the loo or hold it in. He’s still asleep, she can’t see his face. Fuck it. 

She shuffles to the end of the bed and uses the bathroom. She gazes at her face in the mirror, wipes the mascara from underneath her eyes and pulls a face. On the way back to bed she checks her phone, it’s around 6am. 

She settles back under the covers and sighs. He shifts position. And then the internal argument begins: does she reach for him, duck under the duvet, take him in her mouth, to start something? 

They fell asleep apart, there was no contact. She decides to leave it. 


He’s awake now, he reaches his arm around her and pulls her to him. “Don’t turn your back on me” he chides. 

They face each other as they did the night before and say good morning to each other. And again, with no warning he reaches for her, pulling her knickers aside at the front and fingering her. She is dry, dry, dry and awkwardly conscious of it. She reaches for his cock, and he makes a joke about it being too soft. 

They kiss and he holds her face, his fingers still insistently interrogating her pussy. She relaxes and goes with it, and it isn’t long before she is wet and he is hard. He climbs on top of her and she tells him they need a condom. His cock opens her wide and it is delicious. She wants all of him and she tells him to fuck her harder. He is red-faced and thrusting into her. She grabs his ass and pulls him harder into her depths. Oh god it is so glorious. 

And within a few minutes he comes. She is so close it hurts. 


She dresses, ties back her hair, puts on her heels. She does not expect a kiss or indeed anything from him. He gets up out of bed and gives her a bear hug. She remembers the last time a guy did that, and smiles. 

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